Trump watched US midterm results with top GOP donor Sheldon Adelson

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US President Donald Trump watched the results come in from Tuesday’s midterm elections at the White House with a number of prominent supporters, among them Jewish billionaires Sheldon Adelson and Stephen Schwarzman.

Adelson, a casino magnate known for his hawkish pro-Israel views, shelled out $112,250,000 for Republicans during the 2018 election cycle, according to a campaign finance monitor, making him the top overall donor in the midterms.  

Adelson, who was joined by his wife Miriam at the White House, also contributed heavily to Trump’s 2016 election campaign and earlier this year attended the opening of the United States embassy in Jerusalem, a move he had long pushed for.

Schwarzman, who according to the Center for Responsive Politics gave Republicans $11,750,000 for this year’s elections, is the CEO of private equity firm The Blackstone Group and is considered a close friend of Trump’s.

Other Jewish supporters of the president who attended the election night watch party at the White House were Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert and financier Michael Milken, Bloomberg reported.

The election ended with mixed results for Republicans, who lost control of the House of Representatives after eight years but managed to increase their narrow majority in the Senate.

The Republican Jewish Coalition, which has received significant backing from Adelson, said the results signaled “strong approval” for Republican policies and hailed a number of moves the administration has made impacting Israel.

“President Trump and the Republican-led Congress accomplished so much in the last two years, including: recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and moving the US embassy there, taking us out of the Iran deal and re-imposing strong sanctions, cutting back regulations and growing jobs in this country,” Norm Coleman, a former US senator from Minnesota and RJC chairman, said in a statement.

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  1. One thing good I can say about President Trump.

    Is he’s not a racist.

    In fact… I can prove it.

    In front of the White House porch…

    They removed that little statue of the little black man holding a lantern in the horse jockey outfit.

    Ya know like the old southern plantations had.

    Thought to be racist by some….

    And replaced it with Kanye West.

      1. Yeah…. I’m working hard here….

        Just remember …

        The Jokes are fkng free ..

        What part of laughing at a moRon don’t u bitches understand..?

        Free… can’t beat off that price. Now can ya…?

        I don’t care how many fkng coupons you have at the goddamint dollar store.

  2. Anyone else here aware that early on, it was called the Democratic Republican Party, founded by Thomas Jefferson?

  3. adelson was torn between watching the “results” and the top of chumps head. Both activities are an incredible show of allegiance to these zio-kike pigs.

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