Truth or Die

The brainwashed college kids see all kinds of political incorrectness in a confederate flag, even when they’re dressed from head to toe in clothing made by slave labor. Of course, their only worry concerns slaves that died a century ago, because someone told them that’s what they need to worry about.

The environmentalists see the destruction of our planet in your everyday activities, but they’re completely unconcerned about Fukushima, the Gulf of Mexico, or any of the many examples of wholesale corporate destruction of our environment. Who sets their agenda?

Gun control groups insist they represent Americans, while Americans continue to buy guns as quickly as they’re manufactured, and stand in armed defiance of new gun laws.  

There’s a big disconnect between what Americans feel, and what the Zionist media claims they feel, and they’re constantly claiming that they represent large numbers of people, as a way of getting anyone at all to follow any one of their various causes. They take advantage of a human’s need to “fit in” by convincing you there are large numbers of people who support their policies, but all reliable data proves the opposite.

They create “grassroots movements” of every description to create strife, keep Americans divided, advance their political agenda, and insure that they control both sides of every debate, with neither side of that debate resembling the truth.

As evidence of this endless quest to control public opinion and deceive the entire population, one only has to look at the Zionist leadership of every political movement, and remember that Jews only comprise 1.6 % of the U.S. population. Then consider the Zionist ownership of all major media outlets, and there isn’t an honest mathematician in the world who can deny that this alone amounts to indisputable statistical proof of a Zionist conspiracy to control what Americans think.

This is the hurdle that Americans need to jump. They must realize and admit that most of what they’ve been taught all their lives amounts to deceit to facilitate the Zionists’ political and monetary gain, and that there’s an urgent re-education process in front of them. The college kids tend to take pride in their “education”, and that makes them among the last to accept that they’ve been deceived. When all of the arrogance that’s been drummed into their heads becomes baseless, they may be left with very little, but they’ll eventually be forced to know the truth, too. They’ll just be last on the line we’ve formed, and we’ll keep tolerating hearing old news because it’s new to someone else.

Many people adhere to the falsehood that we need our government for something, and that the country would fall to ruins without them. If their sense of security depends on believing that our government is protecting them, they’ll be very reluctant to know that our government is doing all they can to destroy this country, and it’s inhabitants. They’ll be the ones most disturbed by the discovery, and most reluctant to see them go.

Eventually “the truth will out” universally, and it looks like we’re rapidly approaching that “hundredth monkey” moment, because truth spreads exponentially. Whenever everyone tells someone else, our numbers double, and any backgammon player will tell you how quickly that doubling cube raises the stakes. The truth spreads slowly at first, but then it snowballs, and we’re at the point where no propagandist or army of them can manufacture lies quickly enough to stave off the avalanche.

Can a government die of irrelevance? They only amount to a small handful of perverts, and as they’re increasingly being exposed as the criminal misfits that they are, any population would naturally question why they deserve any obedience whatsoever.

Their enforcement mechanisms will be universally hated for being the protectors of an evil regime, and the population will increasingly greet them with armed defiance when they’re known to be nothing more than hired goons.

“For lack of operatives, the cursed machine” * may grind to a halt a lot sooner than you expect, because the enforcers may also begin to understand that they’ll eventually become victims of the cursed machine themselves, and after the bodies start piling up, they’ll have trouble finding people to take the job.

It’s very possible that much of our criminal government will flee the country in the dead of night if they start seeing justice being doled out with a rope, because the fact of the matter is that neither they, nor their armies can do anything to stop an awakened population, and they know it.

You see, we’re all screwed without the Bill of Rights, even the people who are presently helping to abuse those rights, and many people will only join our side when they feel the cursed machine closing in on them personally. Other people have a little more foresight, and will work to stop the machine long before it consumes them.

Our government’s collapse through the exposure of their criminality is a nice thought, and on the surface seems to present the possibility of a peaceful solution, but nature abhors a vacuum, as do power-hungry politicians. Someone will always arrive or appear to fill the vacuum, and Americans will be forced to fight them off if they want to survive individually, or as a nation.

Our economic future is certain poverty, and agrarian survival, but our political future can unfold in several different ways. Which political direction we take can only be guesswork at this point in time, but unfortunately, none of the possibilities involve much in the way of peace and tranquility. Preparing for war right now (exactly what the Zionists have been dissuading you from doing), regardless of your political views, only makes sense for all Americans, because you’ll only be left with a choice of fight, and win, or roll over, and be killed.

I’m not asking for war, but sometimes it comes your way whether you want it or not. Our war may come from one or more of several different directions, but regardless of its source, Americans will be the target.

If the last generation fought this battle we’d be living in glorious freedom today, but if our generation doesn’t do it, Americans will be exterminated, and the human race will never know freedom again. This is the end game, folks; for all the marbles.

No one regrets more than I do that it had to occur in our lifetimes, but here it is, and our only choice is how we’re going to face it. When you discover the breadth and depth of the deceptions, and understand how thoroughly their tentacles of control have been spread, it’s impossible to imagine a place to turn within the system.

When history shows you a standard operating procedure being replayed again by the same players, you’d be a fool not to understand where it will lead.

People don’t form  militias because they’re fans of war and violence, and nor do they form militias because they’re “extremists” of any description. They form militias because they’re regular Americans, who have arrived at that point in education process that reveals no other option. When you understand that you’re being attacked, hopefully you’ll try to defend yourself, too.

We’ve been sold down the river by our criminal government, and no one’s coming to save America, except Americans. We all have a civic duty to defend The Constitution against all enemies, foreign or domestic, and we all have a natural duty to defend our homes and families.

Organize, and be a vital part of your LOCAL militia. They’re the only people on your side, and they’re the only hope America has.              –– Jolly Roger

Who are the militia? Are they not ourselves? Is it feared, then, that we shall turn our arms each man against his own bosom? Congress have no power to disarm the militia. Their swords, and every other terrible implement of the soldier, are the birthright of an American…The unlimited power of the sword is not in the hands of either the federal or state governments, but, where I trust in God it will ever remain, in the hands of the people.
—Tenche Coxe, The Pennsylvania Gazette, Feb. 20, 1788.

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* “The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt!”   — Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

33 thoughts on “Truth or Die

  1. Most everyone will espouse these opinions, then turn the TV on to watch the drivel zionists foist upon the public. Until their comfort level is severely reduced, the sheeple will go on their merry way bleating and babbling through their enslavement, until it bites them in the ass, when it will be far too late.

    We’re almost to the end of the road…WAKE UP!

    1. You’re right, Hoppes. Many people won’t wake up until they absolutely have to, and it will probably take a few days of hunger to shake their beds. They’ll wake up, but with no preparations, their chances of survival will be lower than if they knew the truth today.

      Even if the fools regard the truth as “crazy conspiracy theory” today, remember that that’s only a defense mechanism, and feed them the info anyway. When they do wake up, they’ll have some new information to work with that will send them in the right direction.

  2. Good words JR,

    I would only add that you don’t have to be a perfessional military person to be involved with the militia, some of us do all we can, disabilities and all, to get involved.

    The word “MILITIA” scares a lot of people, as they have no idea what a great group they are, willing to be there for you , to the death of need be.

    1. Well Mark, I’m certainly NOT a professional military man, or even a highly skilled amateur.

      The only choices we have are to defend ourselves, or not defend ourselves, and that puts everyone in the militia, doing the best they can.

  3. As always JR, excellent post and spot on.

    We The People are the militia. Those of us whose heads are not stuck in the sand realize this. Trying to convince the sheep who worship the television and believe the government is their savior, is irrelevant at this point. The sleeping masses are unaware that they are allowing themselves to be governed by a group of psychopaths let alone unable to comprehend that we have never had a legitimate government for all of our lives. This battle that we face is for our hearts, minds, and souls. We will be victorious. I have no doubt about this.

  4. It only takes little nudge at the right moment to get that snowball rolling down the hill. I believe we are close to that moment and, once word got out, there’d be no stopping of the movement. It would be unstoppable. No leader to decapitate, the elites are befuddled. No orders to command because everyone knows what must be done. But, don’t think there won’t be sacrifices along the way. This must be done! I’m not wasting any more of my time on this planet to ponder whether I made the right decision or not, I’m goin’ with my “gut” feeling. My gut feeling has been telling me for years that something’s not right. I can’t quite put my finger on it but $hit don’t seem to add up properly anymore. There’s a wrench in the works makin’ the gears grind or, as my grandfather would say, “There’s a nigger in the woodpile.” Yes, there was a slight bit of racism goin’ on back then. But, once you’ve reached the height of exploitation that we all have experienced, it’s a moot point. We’re all slaves.

    1. Millard, I think everyone has that “gut feeling”, but they keep returning to the TV for information. If that’s the only info they have to work with, they’ll never figure out why they know something isn’t right, but just can’t put their finger on it.

      Many will think they have everything figured out, but they’ll be wrong.

      Here’s why: “….they control both sides of every debate, with neither side of that debate resembling the truth.”

      As long as they have something to fight over, they’ll choose one side or the other, and fight forever to get nowhere.

  5. “The college kids tend to take pride in their “education”, and that makes them among the last to accept that they’ve been deceived.”

    Unfortunately, many older folks are just as dense. This is an excerpt from the father a a man who was murdered, and pigs were involved in the cover-up…

    “I am old school, I look up to police officers,” he said. “You don’t expect them to be involved in the murder of your child, that’s for damn sure.”

    This is the mentality we’re up against.

    Another excellent article, JR.

        1. Slow like that? Is that joke about how long it took me to copy those discs?

          Take your time. I’m not going anywhere.

          1. Actually, my typing is the joke. That’s why many of my comments are short and to the point. I really hate typing (one letter at a time) but it’s the only option, so I just have to deal with it as best I can.

            That’s probably why almost no one e-mails me, because I’m so slow to respond at times. The most e-mails I get are from Angel, and occasionally NC. Used to get a lot from digger, too. Sure miss him.

  6. JR, I must say, you have successfully cracked open that big crock of $hit we wake up to every morning. When the truth stares you in the face, there’s no denying. Now, if we could only get that big boot out of the closet to kick our dead a$$es off the couch, there would be a possibility for real change, not the Obama spin cycle. Thanks JR, your words are inspiring.

  7. A Note To ALL Seniors, Retirees, and Infirmed Individuals…

    After spending the last 45 years of my life, pursuing career, providing for family, and raising children, I expected to sit back, relax, and enjoy the last years of my life and take it easy, as many of us have. Unfortunately, this is not our lot in life.

    We are all pretty pissed at ourselves for not putting a stop to this madness 25 years or more ago even though many have tried to warn us. Life has become too hectic and ever increasing daily activities, be it the kids, or our parents or grand-parents, demanded our time. It just never ended. Some of us are fortunate to have the energy needed to put up resistance to the tyranny we find ourselves living under at present. Some are not so fortunate. Maybe age is just slowing us down. You’ve heard the saying,”Life’s a bitch, and then you die.” 😉

    It’s not so hopeless for us by any means. We have the experience and real education that was with-held from most of the younger generations. Most noticeably missing is “critical thinking” skills. Grammar and mathematical skills also are lacking. There are many areas that we can help. Starting with your kin. This is a Hobsons Choice. One path assures the destruction of this once great republic, probably never to be seen again. All the world’s governments are socialist, of one type or another. Some worse than others, but socialist none the less.

    Raise a ruckus about everything that even hints socialism. Agenda 21, REX84, NEA, collecting rainwater, College curriculums. etc. These will be what the unenlightened will fall for. On appearance, it seems innocuous. Discernment is the key. Tighten your family bonds. A main goal of socialism is to destroy the family. Forget the currency. The Constitution of the united states defines money. Huh? Did the IQ of this country tank while I was getting old?

    Since the late 1940’s, end of WWII, the communists have been working earnestly. McCarthy was right, but the people were already lulled to sleep. Going to school in the 1950’s was rather memorable, but at what cost? My great-grand-babies will never have a childhood like mine. A “Leave It To Beaver” childhood as it were. It’s sad.

    So, as they used to say, “There’s no use in crying over spilled milk.” Yeah, we’re geezin’ but not dead yet. 🙂 Our kids still have a chance. Let’s insure that everyday. The jackasses in DC are in lah lah land while they are screwing “WE THE PEOPLE.” The revolution is upon us. Everyone of these SOB’s should be deported. Although this seems too kind to me. Bury them, save the money. The hemp business will flower like never before…maybe play a substantial part in an economic recovery.

    Thank You Henry & Laura, JR, and all the great people on FTTWR. It’s good to have a family here even if I don’t know each and every one of you personally. You’re in my heart and you bring me much joy. The good people will be victorious in the upcoming conflagration. I feel it. I know it. Long live this republic. —Hoppes

    1. “There are many areas that we can help. Starting with your kin.”

      It still amazes me that my own brothers and sister will believe the lies & propaganda from the MSM (none of whom they know personally) over someone they’ve known their entire lives.

      Their ‘programming’ is too well entrenched. I hold out no hope for them.

      FEMA/.40 fodder, and there’s absolutely nothing I can do about it.

      1. #1, there’s stuff you do every day to resist. It’s not hard to throw a wrench into the works if a guy has the intent. Intent is everything. So, what do you suggest we do with all this intent?

          1. I’ve listened to Mark on occasion and I’m addicted to the truth from “The Word”. I don’t know, Henry just has a way with how he puts things and it rings truth to me. I hear Mark from the east, Henry from the west, and Spike smack, dab in the middle. I am ready and able to help “make things right” when the time comes.

    2. Hey Hoppes, your in the same fox hole I’m in. There are things you and I can do that will never be figured out by the enemy. I think you know what I mean brother. 🙂

  8. Thats great JR, I’ve been feeling like shit all day, til’ I just read this Thanks JR.

    Your sounding like the Thompson Paine of our time!

    The Dramatics – Smiling Faces Sometimes

  9. wow… Thanks, Joe. I never imagined it could have a therapeutic effect.

    I’m listening to the tune now. I remember it from when I was a little kid, but for some reason I always thought it was the “Stylistics” (never heard of the “Dramatics”, but I do know the song).

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