Truth Serum For James Holmes? Judge Rules On ‘Batman Shooter’

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Like a scene straight out of the cult classic Clockwork Orange, we learn today that a judge has ruled that James Holmes may be ordered to take ‘truth serum’ if he pleads not guilty by reason of insanity.

Is this the way mainstream America and the world find out that the Aurora shooting was a false flag, and James Holmes merely a drugged up CIA patsy? Or will we learn that Holmes was a part of a two or three-man hit team? Will Holmes under ‘truth serum’ finally answer the questions we’re all sitting on the edges of our seats waiting for or will they pull a ‘Breitbart’ on him before he’s allowed to talk?  

Is this just the beginning of the mass use of truth serum upon criminals or will we soon see them taking it to the next level, pre-crime? Mandatory truth serum for gun purchases next? Where does this all end? This sure seems to me like more of the ‘police state’ unfolding. Let’s hope we get answers.

James Holmes, who is accused of the Colorado cinema massacre could be given “truth serum” to help determine whether he is insane, Judge William Sylvester has ruled.

According to, Defense lawyers have indicated that Holmes might plead not guilty by reason of insanity.

If Holmes does plead insanity, then Judge Sylvester has ruled that Holmes might have to submit to a “narco analytic interview” as part of the evaluation of his mental state.

A narcoanalytic interview is in when patients are given drugs to lower their inhibition. Judge Sylvester also said Holmes could be given a lie detector test.

What would it be like for James Holmes to be forcibly given truth serum? I doubt that it would go quite like this, but then again, who knows in this world we find ourselves now living in. Caution: Ultra-Violence ahead as the scene below gets interesting at the 48 second mark.

10 thoughts on “Truth Serum For James Holmes? Judge Rules On ‘Batman Shooter’

  1. They may get more than they bargained for *IF* he can remember who put him through the mind control program and which one it was. OOPS!!

    . . .

  2. They’ll just substitute the truth serum for a lethal injection serum and make it like a Timothy McVeigh all over again. Then they will say, “Oops, it was an honest mistake made by one of our lab experts who happened to put the wrong vial in the wrong tube. Oh well. He will be put on administrative leave for two weeks and back to work, soon after.” No jail time, no arrests, nothing. The MSM will twist the story by saying, “Who cares, right? We all know Holmes is guilty and did it. Just look at his face. (showing bad images of him on TV) He has the look of a psycho. It was probably for the best anyways.” Sick world we live in. What can I say.

  3. Even better if he tells his real name (Or one of them) Tim Whale. See him play several roles in the Giffords Shouting or the role on the TV as actor Jamie Kennedy. Tim drives Formula ! race cars sponsored by Tulip Tech Co like Tip Toe Through The Tulips song from the actor that played Tiny Tim alledged to be his father.

    His mother Marilyn Katzenberg, yes that Katzenberg the one married to Jeffry, the CEO of Sony Pictures. It’s all in the family of Bad Actors. Let’s stop this insanity. Send people down to Walmart or hardware store and pick out lengths of rope, and do what our ancestors did. Hang a few on trees or even those leftover fake election billboards and things will change.

    No drugs will cure these people with their agenda against us.. It’s not funny anymore like their Saturday Night Live training. They are beyond any reality we picture.

    True defintion of insanity – the inability to accept the known facts. Are you sane Yet??

    We are Legion..

  4. They can start by stopping it from being called “truth serum”. There is no chemical on the planet that can make you tell the truth. Calling it that just encourages people to acept it.

    Face it, IF there was a chemical that made people tell teh truth, courtrooms would cease to exist…all truth serum does is make you talkative and high…you can still lie easially. You may just may not be able to keep the lie straight in your head while your mind races.

    On the other hand, there are LOTS of chemicals that can make you more suggestable to thinking that a lie IS the truth…and if they slip that into the mix and start asking specifically worded questions, he may start “remembering” lots of things that never occured.

    Or maybe they’ll just give him LSD and let his rambling fantasies go on and on, then kill him anyway. Clearly his rights or well being aren’t being factored anymore, so not a big stretch of the imagination here.

    1. That is why the courts don’t allow evidence concerning polygraph tests. It is interesting that the “truth serum” is to be used for his mental status exam. I’ve never heard of such a thing. Millard

  5. Believe it or not, they had a machine that I read about in the 70s that could tell if you were lying or not with 100% accuracy. It was called a PSE (psychological stress evaluator). It measured the stress in a persons’ voice. It even worked on tape recordings. They ran the tapes of Oswald denying that he killed JFK, and guess what? He was telling the truth (as if we didn’t already know that).

    It disappeared after a few years, never to be heard from again. My guess as to why?

    Can you imagine what that could do to ANY politician’s career, in the hands of patriots?

    1. There is still a full proof method for telling when a politician is lying. If their lips are moving they are lying.

      1. You and I know that Henry, but the sheeple apparently still require absolutely irrefutable tehnologically based evidence.

        And even then……………

  6. I know, they are giving a chemical that they know renders someone delerious in order to test their mental state. The mental state of a delerious person remember. Yeah, THAT data will be valuable, I’m sure.

    They know it’s pointless, so they are just messing with him now. Or they want him to remember a few things that never occured.

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