TTC: Do Not Force Riders to Celebrate LGBT Lifestyles!

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The Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) is once again pushing the radical LGBT agenda on its 1.69 million daily commuters. The design for the June Metropass discount card features a picture of a mural from Toronto’s “Gay Village”. (This can also be seen on the TTC Twitter page.) The mural showcases “WorldPride 2014” – the shameless worldwide homosexual and transvestite “pride” event which was held in Toronto that year.

In a news release from the TTC, we read: “the TTC celebrates Pride with its June Metropass showcasing the 519 Mural – LGBTQ History & Community at 519 Church Street. On sale now until June 5, the pass features an image from the Church-Wellesley Village BIA that celebrates the LGBTQ community.”  

This follows on the heels of the controversy caused by homo-erotic advertisements appearing in TTC facilities. CitizenGO initiated a petition campaign against these obscene and offensive posters back in February. (Thus far, over 17,000 people have voiced their disgust.)

The June Metropass design, though not as graphic, is unacceptable for two reasons. First, it celebrates lifestyle choices that are unnatural, unhealthy, and ungodly. Second, by specifically recalling WorldPride 2014, it glorifies what homosexual news service Xtra admits was an event focused on “wanton sexuality and hedonism”. WorldPride, like other local Pride events in Toronto before and since, featured obscenity, nudity, the performance of sex acts, and the subversion of traditional values and laws. Such events openly defy section 174 of Canada’s Criminal Code, which rightly bars public nudity and indecency.

Now monthly Metropass customers are being required to purchase, carry, and use a card with imagery that – for many – violates their values and beliefs. Since the TTC has a monopoly on affordable public transit in Toronto, regular commuters will have to pay a premium if they wish to forgo the offensive pass. For low income Torontonians, this is an unfair choice to force upon them.

To add insult to injury, the TTC has also announced: “Along with June’s Metropass, the TTC will celebrate [LGBT] Pride with a specially wrapped bus that will run on the 94 Wellesley route throughout the month of June and will join the Pride parade, along with TTC employees and their families and friends, on Sun., June 24.”

The TTC needs to hear from concerned and offended commuters, stakeholders, and the broader Canadian public. They must not be allowed to promote obscenity. They must not be allowed to disrespect and discriminate against customers who oppose the vile goings-on at WorldPride events and the aberrant lifestyles they promote. Please sign our petition, or you may contact the Metropass office directly: or 416-397-8827.

Sign the petition here:


2 thoughts on “TTC: Do Not Force Riders to Celebrate LGBT Lifestyles!

  1. Well, upon reading this and the comments on some of the links in it, I learned of a practice some of these mentally deranged sodomites engage. I’ll just give you the words and let you make up your own minds: bug chaser, gift giver.

    Or maybe I am just a fuddy-duddy who is out of the loop of hip new fads.

    1. It’s probably worse than you think, Martist

      A “gift giver” is someone who passes on the HIV virus, the catching of which is viewed as a “rite of passage” by some young homosexuals. (a “bug chaser” is trying to catch HIV)

      I used to be tolerant, but this whole gay agenda is pissing me off lately because of the way it’s constantly pushed in our faces. I don’t care who screws whom, but forcing that crap into my life is going way over the line.

      I think the gays are going to suffer some backlash for all this promotion of their perversion, because if I’m sick of it, there are millions out there who are ready to hang the whole lot of ’em.

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