7 thoughts on “Tucker Carlson predicts former first lady Michelle Obama will be 2020 Democratic nominee

  1. Well who wouldn’t want the “most admired woman in the world” as pres.

    Such a joke this whole circus is!!

    I hope you all simply devour yourselves as you put this freak show on.

  2. I can see this coming
    He’s not endorsing Biden
    He’s actively torpedoing Bidens run by not endorsing him
    And by calling him out on shit too
    He’s also not picking up on any of the other many running
    If big mike runs
    This country should demand to know who IT really is
    As I think lying about what you really are , isn’t any way to represent We the People

  3. I seriously doubt they’ll risk running him.

    Look what happened to Rivers (and she was a full-blown jew) for outing the POS.

    Put him under a microscope… he won’t pass muster, imo.

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