Two Northern Counties Petition CA Legislature to Form State of ‘Jefferson’

Breitbart – by William Bigelow

On Thursday, Modoc and Siskiyou counties in California, adjacent to Oregon, formally requested state officials to allow them to secede from the state and form a new state to be called Jefferson, according to the Sacramento Bee.

The two counties’ governments directly petitioned the secretaries of the state Assembly and Senate after they had already submitted a petition to the secretary of state asserting that they weren’t represented strongly enough in the state.  

Mark Baird organized a rally at the state capitol that drew 70 supporters with flags and T-shirts displaying two X’s and a coiled snake that said “State of Jefferson. Don’t tread on me.” He told the supporters of secession that if they succeeded, as many as 10 counties in the state “would be free to create a small state with limited government… We don’t need government from a state telling people in a county what to do with their resources and their children’s education. You are better equipped to educate your children than the state or federal government.”

After the rally, roughly 10 of the people at the rally made their way past lobbyists in the capitol to deliver the secession petitions to the clerks’ offices. Baird acknowledged, “We fully expect to be ignored.”

Modoc and Siskiyou are not alone; six counties have already approved secession through their votes or their elected officials, and more petitions are assumed to be forthcoming. Secession for two separate counties was on the ballot in the June primary; Tehama county voters approved it, but Del Norte county voters voted against it.

Now that the secession petitions have been filed, the legal case for the secessionists has been initiated. Because the petitioners for secession claim the U.S. Constitution allows such an action to be taken, they assert that if they are dismissed by legislators, they can file suit against the state government.

Brandon Criss, a Siskiyou County supervisor who supports secession, rejected critics’ assertions that the petition is misguided. They claim that because the counties have a combined population of 53,000 and thus a low tax base, basic services would be endangered. He said, “It would reawaken the rural economy if it were unleashed from urban control. California has over 500 government agencies micromanaging the people.” He added that residents would be able to figure out how to solve any problems.

Silicon Valley venture capitalist Tim Draper recently gathered signatures on a petition for a ballot initiative that would divide California into six separate states, one of which would be called Jefferson. If Draper gets enough signatures, the petition could be on the 2016 ballot. Baird likes Draper’s sentiments but avers that Draper’s petition lacks legal standing.


4 thoughts on “Two Northern Counties Petition CA Legislature to Form State of ‘Jefferson’

  1. And now CA is leaving CA. The people in Sacramento are not just crazy, they are criminally insane. They don’t care if they drive every business out of CA. As long as they get their check from the state they will keep sending out the police to generate the revenue off any of those who are dumb enough to stay there.

  2. Never happen. If tried, a war would break out between Sacramento and the secessionists. Just like Lincoln started the Civil war, Calif. cannot allow the remaining water and resources to be wrestled away from the State. They may not have much of a population, but Lake Shasta supplies Sacramento, and the State cannot afford to buy their water from the north. I would love to see it happen, but it seems a pipe-dream.

  3. “We don’t need government from a state telling people in a county what to do with their resources and their children’s education. You are better equipped to educate your children than the state or federal government.”

    100% true.

    They’re stealing our resources, and dumbing down our kids.

    This sh#t has GOT to end soon!!!

  4. I live in South Sac. I’m all for it. Freedom for Jefferson who will get real representation as they set up a new government.

    Except in Sacramento where I live, that leaves the representatives who aren’t representing anything except King’s Basketball Arena/FEMA Camp, An Un-Needed Delta River Tunnel (We need the levies fixed! DoH! ), , Spies breaking their oath and Denies / State Secrets to cover up corruption, ICLEI Agenda @ City Council, Plastic Bag bans, Ammunition Rules, Gun Bans

    I can’t keep up with the City Council, Mayor, or Assembly in Sacramento (I even have their website URL’s but their website(s) is/are ALL CRAP and has been for YEARS NOW SINCE ELECTRONIC VOTING… and I have pointed this out to them at least three times. CAFR Tiff scanned pdf’s/missing dox, Waste Management, and indexing/search/3rd Party Google Searching their OFFIFIAL website/Missing Election Data Pages/File Names Random/Missing/Unsearchable/ INDEX(es) on Website(s) Plural Plural PLural)

    Local Broadcast Television Media seems to go right along with the show. Still haven’t heard if that OATH BREAKER LEE has stopped getting PAID YET! There’s a candidate for FT LEAVENWORTH

    Local AM Broadcast KFBK still has that EX-Sheriff with his radio show each day boisting how PEOPLE are ALWAYS wrong and bad, and when it comes to oath breaking public offifials, or unconstitution acts, it’s time for another caller, time for a break, time to segwe to some other target. Dude supports all the nanny state firearms crap. Let’s hope his show is the END of his reign. Although every time I ever met a cop who behaves like this, I ususally hear about a suicide in the GARAGE a couple years later.

    The HAM and even CB/ Truckers they all get it

    People in the street still don’t just talk about it though, I find I am the only one. But when I get it going, the people usually bond immediatly and have just been keeping it all bottled up (as the same old faux public PC perception is kept up–that invisible wall–I don’t want to talk to you–Instead of Lighted Faces, Rich Conversation and high energetic engagement. Chemtrails is a good starter, Or Electronic Election Fraud (although I see Most on welfare pretend to care but you can see they don’t truly, they just want their BOY in there so the Cha Ching keeps rollin)

    What you want to talk about my Senators?
    Every ACT they do I am against now. There is no point writing them, they are the enemy. Writing them just risks saying something stupid and they come after you. The Broadcast Television stations 3, 6, 10, 13, 31, 40, 58 SP 19 64 decide / inconjunction with the electronic vote tabulation devices and broken chain of custody, ensure these puppets stay in power here. So I can’t blame you for wanting a Jefferson.

    I just want Sacramento to be Sacramento. Not “The Bill Mill” . Not the state with “No Hope, as she goes so goes the rest of the country” , Not the “Welfare State”

    I have yet figured a way to convey ANY meaningful change to the City Council or the Assembly. They’re basically a “black art” to me. And I am supposed to be able to know how to keep up with em. I ususally hear only the parroted crap from local media, any REAL NEWS like that Oath breaker LEE thing–That kind of news comes from the UK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    or your fine site “From The Trenches World Report”

    The water thing is MUCH more complex than you think, in my opinion you want to keep control away from Corporations. Also, if the chemtrails are going to keep blocking whatever it is (fukushima/ufo’s/nukes/sun) then there isn’t going to be rain, and we will need to find new sources of water RIGHT NOW. Even if you did own Lake Shasta, it’s still flows down stream–good luck ending that. I will dip my bucket in when it hit’s I5 and Pocket (Fun HUH? I litereally get to drink your WASTE — but hey that’s FAIR)

    I guess my point here, is that this Spirit of Jefferson needs to be the Spirit of Sacramento. It’s the “elected officials” who are causing the problems, things are exactly the way they want them to be. I was once privy to blueprints to what I thought was a simple piece of land along the Sacramento River.. My God, the different variations– Yes this a 75 year lease, this one’s 150 this one has a this, that one has that. In the end it ended up being a hotel. (that land there, my grand pa an I used to walk to and at the river I would always say, “Grampa hand me a stick” — There were no sticks around for 1/4 mile lol I will always remember my grandpa (rip) that way with my childish youth of not knowing there was no tree anywhere nearby==no sticks.

    So, Lets say Jefferson get’s formed. Sacramento still lay wasted. Still has oath breakers, still member of Iclei, still use broken chain of custody electronic vote tabulation devices. Wouldn’t it be better to identify the affiliations of these candidates and expose their foreign and corporate influences. ex: if you want the kings that’s fine, but this arena I didn’t have no say or NOTHING AT ALL… Here Pay the stealth/invisible BILLS now.

    Which is probably why when talking about a Jefferson, the corporate broadcast media, and MSM web media, always say it will never happen.

    I say it CAN happen if you want it to.
    But I also say, So Can CLEANING UP SACRAMENTO of corporate and foreign influence (and the unconstitutional crap–spying, firearms etc.) I just don’t know HOW yet.

    * Outlawing electronic vote tabulation devices would go far to cleaning up SOME of their websites. (Tracking electronic devices auditing/failure along with tracking close races that disapper and give 404 errors — sure it’s all just coincidence and webmaster mistakery)
    * Not sure how you un-UN-ICLEI and identify all the other proxies.
    * Not sure how you restore the constitution.
    * Not sure how you boot out local DHS, and go back to cops in blues..
    * Not sure how you get more Water Source Projects going. Since we are the “Breadbasket” as they say — see I like some things about our state.
    * Not sure how to restore the public spectrum to the public. Take POTUS controll of FCC and HAND it to “We The People” to vote (after the electronic vote tabulation devices are outlawed) Talking Dominoes here..
    * Not sure how we get the foreign banksters locked up along with the Senate who doesn’t regulate the monetary system

    So when you manage to Get the State of Jefferson created, it will certainly spark further debate about the waste left behind. (accidental pun intended there)

    Hope outsiders learned something also..

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