5 thoughts on “Tyranny In America

  1. I bet that chink cop has a bruised titty when he wakes up tomorrow , that guy was giving him such a purple merple ..lol

    oh and Fck everyone that was in that room for not showing solidarity ..you fcking cowards
    everyone in that room should have carried those pigs back out to the curb , and threw their masks at them

  2. Who turned him in? Somebody made the frikkin’ call. Well, it’s happening. We will see more and more of this, and thanks EOTS for shaming the non-doers; they are as guilty as the cops and those the cops work for.


    1. Body language tells me , the guy that called the pigs is the guy in the suit with his back against the book shelf

      with his self important acting and hand full of papers .. he walked in right in front of the pigs when the video starts

      Just my opinion

  3. The 1 cop looks scared. Hope he knows judo. Apparently not. Want to see the ending…
    Where do I put the quarter so I can see the ending?

  4. If everyone in that room, simply removed their masks, the Faggots at the head of the table would have ended their little BS meeting and ran out of the room, the cops would have lost all their purported power , it is everyone in that room that gave them the power to assault that man. and that is a man, he lucky the cop was scared to taze him.

    Its gonna get wayyy worse and so be it… till the bullets start flying…. in all directions…

    BOR/Common Law or Death….

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