U.S. Border Patrol agent killed while on patrol in Texas


Nov. 19 (UPI) — A U.S. Border Patrol agent died Sunday after sustaining injuries while in the Big Bend Sector, U.S. Customs and Border Protection said.

Agent Rogelio Martinez and his partner were responding to activity while on patrol near Interstate 10 in the Van Horn Station area in Texas when his partner reported they were both injured and in need of assistance, CBP said in a statement.  

Both were provided immediate medical care by responding agents on the spot and transported to a local hospital where Martinez died and his partner remains in critical condition.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with Agent Martinez and his family, and with the agent who was injured,” CBP said.

Culberson County Sheriff’s Department assisted Border Patrol agents in securing the scene and agents from CBP’s Air and Marine Operations began searching the area for potential suspects or witnesses.

The FBI has taken over the investigation of the incident.


5 thoughts on “U.S. Border Patrol agent killed while on patrol in Texas

  1. So the BORDER Patrol was “on patrol near I-10” in the Van Horn Station area…which is only about 50 miles from the border (and nearly 200 miles from the actual Big Bend area, north) from the dirt Chispa Road that folks I know use to go fishing along the Rio Grande, and folks, the road is hard to find (that is, my husband and I could not find it!) and is in bad shape from what I heard about fifteen years ago (I am sure it’s in worse shape now). But here’s the thing–the Border Patrol is no longer confined to the border or close proximity–the “Constitution Free Zone 100 miles from the border” is in effect, right? Since I used to teach in Van Horn, I wonder what impact all this FBI stuff is having on the residents there around Thanksgiving?

    And transported to a local hospital, eh? Hope it wasn’t the one in Van Horn–this facility is so small and understaffed basically they can do not much there. Hopefully Big Bend Regional…but that could explain why the one agent died…if his life was in danger a transport to Big Bend Regional in Alpine about 100 miles away he wouldn’t get there soon enough.

    And if you look at the article linked to at the bottom there is a picture of a Border Patrol van along a wall–which is nowhere near the Big Bend region or Van Horn, Texas.

    Finally, and this is the truth–the area around Van Horn, according to students I had and their parents, is a haven for Satanic rituals.

      1. You are welcome! and if anything reported on this site regards the Big Bend region you can guarantee it, I will comment esp if I have truthful info regarding it.

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