With great fanfare, the Pentagon has recently released the news that they have in fact been studying unidentified flying objects, also specifying that their study ended in 2012. They may have been lying about the study ending, but if the study did in fact end, it can be assumed that nothing interesting or credible had been found.

No conclusive evidence was disclosed, but instead these revelations amounted to more of the same descriptions of items moving through space in ways unfamiliar to those who are familiar with conventional, Earthly aerodynamics.

I’m not going to suggest that people who have seen UFOs are crazy, drink too much, and nor am I going to attribute their sightings to swamp gas, because I’ve seen some unexplainable flying phenomena myself. I would like to point out however, that just because unidentifiable flying objects are seen, doesn’t necessarily mean they’re extraterrestrial. Isn’t it possible that Earthly technology exists that the general public isn’t aware of?

Nor would I deny that extraterrestrial life exists, and in fact, in an infinite universe, it would be absurd to think that only our planet harbored life, but whether or not any alien life arrived here is an entirely different story. The distances alone make it implausible.

My biggest problem with believing that extraterrestrial life has visited our planet is that there are thousands of reputable, and knowledgeable scientists who have spent many years searching for extraterrestrial life and haven’t found a thing. You also have an untold number of amateur astronomers scanning the skies at any given moment, who also haven’t turned up any evidence of extraterrestrial life, let alone an Earthly visit.

Between radio telescopes scanning the skies continually, along with optical telescopes, radar, and human UFO enthusiasts, any alien visitor would have to dodge a lot of search efforts to arrive here without providing any hard evidence of his visit, and as yet, none of this hard evidence exists.

What does exist at this point is a lot of hype, and the wide publication of a relatively few sightings. I say “relatively few” because of the 8 billion people on the planet, only a small handful of people have seen these things that should have been seen by many people, simply because they’re alleged to have happened in the sky, which would put them in the view of people for many miles in any direction. Why are UFO sightings never corroborated by a witness in another location?

Another curious aspect of these sightings is that they always seem to take place in sparsely populated areas, and that’s more indicative of the testing of secret technology than of alien visitors. If you had traveled here from another solar system or galaxy, wouldn’t you be more interested in observing an Earth colony like New York City than nailing farmer Joe with the ubiquitous anal probe in some remote region of Utah? Who would travel that far to examine farmer Joe’s intestinal tract while ignoring the interactions of millions of specimens? Why did hundreds of New Yorkers never look up and see a UFO? Why are they always seen in places where a solitary witness might be plausible?

Any species that masters intergalactic travel is not going to find anything of interest up farmer Joe’s rectum, but instead, the anal probe appears in many UFO accounts because it provides a titillating attraction to the stories, to get more people interested in them.

You see, there’s a propaganda motive for inducing the public to believe in extraterrestrial life visiting Earth, and that’s why the Pentagon exposed their study, in a manner that arouses more curiosity than answers questions, much as a movie trailer is designed to do.

As you’re probably aware, the international bankers are moving closer to achieving their long sought-after “New World Order”, or global governance, or world communism. Whatever you or they choose to call it, they’re not going to control the whole planet’s population unless they can unite them against a common enemy, either real or contrived. With national borders dissolved, and all of the various populations intermingled, they’ll no longer be able to induce the fear in any population of being attacked by another, as they presently do to remain in control. The only way they’ll be able to control a global population, is by providing them with an  extraterrestrial enemy that they need to be protected from. By seeding these beliefs now, they’ll insure that future E.T. false flags will be effective.

You’ll first have to believe in visits by extraterrestrials before you’ll believe you need to be protected from them, and this is why Hollywood, along with the rest of the propaganda machine, has been planting these beliefs in Americans’ heads for decades. More convincing displays will appear as they’re needed, probably employing flight and weapons technology we’re not aware of, but I’d be willing to bet that it’s the same bankers playing their same old tricks, forced by necessity to move them to an interplanetary level.

Regarding the claims that “the greys” are working with our government and living under the Denver airport, I can only say that once again, we have no proof of this other than the work of some imaginative science fiction writers, who may have invented the stories to discredit the many people who search for truth in all the wrong places, and then disseminate it to others. It makes everything you say incredulous, and that’s probably why these stories exist.

Why would we need the Hubble telescope, radio telescopes, and NASA itself if we were working hand-in-hand with “the greys” who could undoubtedly tell us much more than any of our primitive devices could ever reveal?

Now I’m not saying that a visit from extraterrestrial life is impossible. I’m just saying that we have no real evidence of it happening, a lot of reason to doubt that it ever happened, and that there’s a good reason to make you believe that it happened when it didn’t. With these things considered, it only makes sense to reserve judgement until some hard, and verifiable evidence is found, and that hasn’t happened yet.   — Jolly Roger

“Truth exists. Only falsehood has to be invented.” — George Braque

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  1. Along came the ubiquitous camera/cell phone and I would have thought we’d have some excellent pictures and video. Too busy with selfies, I recon.

  2. European Union President Claude Juncker speaks with off world entities. He admits so at a rather prestigious gathering. No one even flinched. It’s on you tube and happened in June of 2016. Maybe some one will find and post here. I don’t know how to …yet. Also the United Nations has the Ambassador to Extra Terrestrials…..Her name is Mazlan Othman. Take me to your leader and Nanu Nanu. Lloyd Pye tried to tell us…we are them. All primates have 24 chromosomes we have 23 because the 2nd and 3rd are fused. That does not happen in nature. We were created. Mitochondrial DNA traces back to about 200000 years ago…when the change happened. We are brand spanking new with their high intelligence.

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      Henry Shivley

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    3. Peter. I would ask that you re think your position. This is a lie! This is the great deception that Jesus Christ prophesied. To believe that we are created with monkey DNA and extraterrestrial DNA is to negate the need for Jesus sacrifice and thus our redemption.

  3. Good points, and thank you, JR.
    I do ponder these same thoughts from time to time.

    I can’t get frazzled. When/if some unit of annoyance comes to disrupt my/our well being while I’m trying to be left alone to produce what is needed here for our sustainment without the need for ‘their’ centralized BS (as best possible), and causing no harm to another’s rights/natural rights, I will confront the issue, and make the best attempt to resolve the issue.
    There are many tools
    Tools are limited only by our ingenuity, and wit.

    PS. I know what the ‘U’ stands for. (laughing)

  4. Oh, boy…. that was easy.

    I was expecting an all-out attack by the pro-UFO crowd.

    Thanks for reading the article, and Merry Christmas, everyone.

    1. ‘I was expecting an all-out attack by the pro-UFO crowd. ‘ ….LOL JR…..I don’t think that crowd frequents here……but you might find them amongst the Trumpers….I enjoyed reading your article 🙂

  5. Thanks for the great post, Jolly! Not concerned about whether or not ET-type alien life exists, but I do tend to go with the “I don’t believe in aliens” crowd for two reasons.

    One, a guy I met once who claimed to have been abducted tried to do a mind trick on my husband, but failed (my husband didn’t fall for it), tried “channeling” possible fallen angels/demonic spirits into me through my heart “chakra” and failed. But he did mess with some friends of mine, turning one into a clearly demonically possessed woman, and may have caused the sudden megalomania in a guy we knew, who went from perfectly rational to megalomanical psycho–his name? Rick McLaren, founder of the Republic of Texan movement in the mid-90s and creator of the Republic of Texas standoff (and the guy who did these things was named “El Legion”–look that one up in the Bible!

    Two, I tend not to believe in aliens because I’ve never seen one, but have seen supernatural events and manifestations, one of which caused me to become a true, committed believer in Jesus Christ–and my 8 year old son witnessed the manifestation. It was not ET aliens for sure.

    1. You lost me, DL. Was Rick McLaren the mind trickster, or one of the mind trickster’s victims?

      It’s really important to not let anyone have too much influence over you. Just look at Charlie’s (Manson’s) Angels. One minute you’re part of a “family” and the next thing you know, you’re chopping up people.

  6. “You see, there’s a propaganda motive for inducing the public to believe in extraterrestrial life visiting Earth,….

    Motives- (1) A common enemy that unites the peoples of the one world, then will be willing to sacrifice any shred of freedom.
    (2) The lie to explain away the hundreds of thousands that will go missing when Christ returns the 2nd time.

  7. Well…all I can say is that I see them out here all the time.

    Orange orbs.

    To the point I’ve been up here long enough it has become a bore.

    But every once in a while I still look up.

    Just for shts and grins.

  8. “If you had traveled here from another solar system or galaxy, wouldn’t you be more interested in observing an Earth colony like New York City than nailing farmer Joe with the ubiquitous anal probe in some remote region of Utah?”

    The same reason why any military wouldn’t just walk into and invade any big area of a country without first studying the area, its people (whether they are friendly or hostile), resources, technology, intelligence, strength and weakness from the outskirts. Otherwise, they might as well just throw in the towel and send themselves to their doom like a military squad going in blind.

    Think about it. If there was life on another planet and you were the first of your kind to travel there, would you go to the capital city of that planet or land somewhere on the outskirt to study it before going in?

    Just sayin.

  9. I don’t focus on ’em, but believe they’re out there. Infinity is very big. — 🙂

    Now here is a little true story wherein galen had to use the F word:

    Twenty yrs ago, some seminar somewhere on the state of the world and our place in it, an associate comes up to me and says,

    “You know Galen, the Space Brothers are going to help us here on earth.”

    “Oh really, said I. “When are they coming?”

    And I kid you not, in all earnestness, she looked me in the eye and answered: “When we’re all vibrating at joy.”

    And I, raw and un-contained, straining to not grab her collar, blurted out: “Who the f**k needs them then? Tell them to get their ass down here now.”

    And she backed away, somewhat shocked and confused. After that we never sat next to each other.



  10. The following Quote is from the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, Division of Intercourse and Education, Foreword by Elihu Root, Publication No. 15, The Imperial Japanese Mission

    Page 105

    The Imperial Japanese Mission 1917

    A Record of the Reception Throughout the United States
    of the Special Mission Headed by Viscount Ishii


    (paragraph 2)

    John Dewey, Professor of Philosophy in Columbia University, who was the next speaker, was listened to with great intentness. He said:

    Some one remarked that the best way to unite all the nations on this globe would be an attack from some other planet. In the face of such an alien enemy, people would respond with a sense of their unity of interest and purpose. We have the next thing to that at the present time. Before a common menace, North and South America, the Occident, and Orient have done an unheard of thing, a wonderful thing, a thing which, it may well be, future history will point to as the most significant thing in these days of wonderful happenings. They have joined forces amply and intimately in a common cause with one another and with the European nations which were most directly threatened. What a few dreamers hoped might happen in the course of some slow coming century has become an accomplished fact in a few swift years. In spite of geographical distance, unlike speech, diverse religion, and hitherto independent aims, nations from every continent have formed what for the time being is nothing less than a world state, an immense cooperative action in behalf of civilization. (Remainder of speech omitted)


  11. Just wondering…

    While we’ve been discussing this, how many more innocents killed? Trillions stolen? Rights obliterated?


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