3 thoughts on “UN Owns 68% of Our Parks

  1. Good luck UN for when it all comes apart Yellowstone eruption will have destroyed 1000 miles in all directions with 1000 ft of ash. The Madrid fault set to eventually go off with pretty much take out a good part of that area and we also will lose a great deal of the Western coast due to the Pacific ring of fire. Then there is the predicted loss of the coastlines for at least 100 miles in due to a 3 mile wave to hit the coasts from a huge asteroid hit and when all is said and done very little will be left to control. Don’t think I am crazy when I have seen all the preps you all have made with DUMBS and the seed bank call me a fool, just try.

  2. UN = Agenda21

    So it is not actually our government closing our national forests and monuments. It is the UN.

    I just knew all these closures were about corralling people and moving them closer to the cities.
    . . .

  3. “UN Owns 68% of Our Parks”

    Claiming you own them is one thing.

    We can hardly wait till you attempt to take possession.

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