7 thoughts on “UNCENSORED [FRONT VIEW] Raid on hostage taker in Paris

  1. Much of MSM complaining about respecting “free speech” regarding criticism of Muslims today. Blah, blah, blah.
    Charlie Hebdo did satirical cartoons about Islam and Christianity…
    But NOT Judaism.
    Gee. Who a the real suppressor a of free speech?

    Remember Voltaire’s statement about who rules over you.
    Those you cannot criticize.
    Think about that and Charlie Hebdo’s history.

    1. the worthless rag DID do one about jews once,
      the cartoonist was sacked and prosecuted.

      he did a cartoon implying sarcozy’s son became a jew for business reasons.

  2. for people not in europe who probably dont know this,

    if you say anything bad about jews or imply they had anything to do with this you can be arrested in many european country’s
    in germany and france you can get 2 years in prison.

    and the jews are pushing for an amendment to include “israel” in those “hate-crime” laws.

    so dont expect to see germans marching in berlin saying they are sick of israeli immigrants flooding the city, or french journalists saying anything about this incident even remotely truthfull.
    because they cant!

    the u.s. will probably go this way soon, maybe they will dump the “hate-crime” label and just call it “blasphemy” when you insult the “gods children” !!!

    1. I can’t believe I forgot to mention the reason why they don’t satirize Judaism…because it’s a crime in most of Europe, Canada and Australia. Duh.
      Thanks for pointing out that incredibly important point.
      There’s no freedom of speech when discussing Judaism or Zionists.
      I’m sure that’s coming to the USA very soon from the looks of who is running things in our government.

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