Paris Terror Suspect Was Featured In 2005 Documentary On Jihadism

The perfect chosen Patsy for a devastating false flag.

Breaking 911 – by Taryn

Cherif Kouachi, one of the suspects in the Charlie Hebdo shootings in Paris, was featured in a 2005 investigative documentary about Jihadism.

The documentary aired on French television in 2005. The film details the lives of Muslim younger students in need of guidance who often end up becoming exposed to radical Islamist extremism. Kouachi is seen rapping during the beginning of the excerpt provided below.

2 thoughts on “Paris Terror Suspect Was Featured In 2005 Documentary On Jihadism

  1. How convenient! A Muslim Terrorist rolodex! Dial-up-a Terrorist is in full swing. Whenever they need to put a couple up for grabs, it seems they have a never ending pool of them. From the “Jihadist to the lone wolf, they’re are plenty of people waiting in the shadows ready to exploit the next crisis that may be coming to a theater in your neighborhood. They got their patsies lined up for multiple contingencies, starring Joe Schmoo
    as kung foo master or duped terrorist’s fake bomb attack victim. What a surprisingly delightful, yet deceitful, world we live in. At least they can’t take away those simple pleasures short of FEMA camps. I’ll resist before I hop on a train to the nearest camp with the ditch already installed out back.

  2. necessary evils as they call them. take for instance joe biden and the rest of the crew. this is how all governments are run. were just now figuring it out. they don’t even have to pretend anymore.

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