Undun – Guess Who

When you listen to the lyrics, they could be alluding to lady liberty.  The Guess Who helped define my generation and Burton Cummings  was blessed with one of the best voices in the business at that time.

3 thoughts on “Undun – Guess Who

    1. I’m going to be butchering that song on April 12th Angel-NYC. Wish you could be there! 😆 If I can talk my friend, Gary, (who did digger’s funeral for us) into coming down and recording the set, I will think about providing the video for the trenches. “Beatlemania” is quite the annual celebration in my town as musicians from parts yonder show up and it’s like a big jamboree. The place has been “standing room only” for the past few years when “the boys are back in town”!

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