What’s next in police state America? Why, cars equipped with DUI interlock devices, of course!


If Big Brother has its way, DUI checkpoints and DUI police stops will be a thing of the past. Your car won’t start if you’ve had a drink!

The above picture is Nissan’s DUI detection concept vehicle that has alcohol sensors on the shift lock and EVERY seat in the car! It also has facial recognition, which monitors how often the driver blinks!. See the video below:  

According to the NHTSA/DHS “the ten-year cooperative research program focuses on developing technologies that will accurately and instantaneously measure a driver’s BAC in a non-invasive manner.”

CNN explains that for the police state to succeed, the public will accept minimally obtrusive alcohol sensing devices. In the video below, CNN is even promoting the use of facial recognition devices in cars! See the video below:

Big Brother wants everyone to wear alcohol sensors while you’re at a bar or restaurant.

The NIAA issued the Wearable Alcohol Biosensor Challenge to universities and companies.

The contest goal is to create a device that will deliver accurate, real-time data to measure how much someone has been drinking. The data would benefit researchers, clinicians and therapists, as well as individuals, wink, wink.

The study would “prevent children and adolescents from beginning and continuing to drink alcohol.”

Where there’s money to be made private companies are standing in line and breaking car windows to profit from the latest round of ‘safety’ (tracking) devices being installed in cars. black boxes or event data recorders are just one of the numerous tracking devices today’s cars come standard equipped with.

Companies like ‘Smart Start‘, ‘LifeSaver‘ and ‘Guardian Interlock‘ are just a few that stand to profit while our rights are being destroyed.

The NHTSA or DHS has created a ‘Driver Alcohol Detection System for Safety‘ known affectionately as ‘DADDS’. Really they refer to it as DADDS? It purposely makes you think your father wants these installed in EVERY vehicle. Which is B.S.

DADDS is working with 17 auto manufacturers! Do you need anymore proof the auto industry is working with DHS to spy on EVERY driver? DADDS even has their own website that says “imagine a world without drunk driving.” The website claims drunk driving costs Americans $199 billion every year.

By their own admission recent NHTSA/DHS studies show drunk driving is decreasing. Clickhere to read more.

What DADDS website doesn’t show you, is how police departments, courts, cities, and states are profiting off of DUI arrests. Nor does it show how insurance companies and private breathalyzer companies are profiting.

Here’s an excerpt taken from the NHTSA/ DADDS website that should send chills down everyone’s spine:

The research program began in 2008 with the goal of assessing the effectiveness and feasibility of alcohol-detection technologies. The program is now in Phase II, with planning underway for Phase III.

  • Phase I – Research and analysis of two different technological approaches to measuring driver alcohol levels – a touch-based approach allowing assessment of alcohol in human tissue and a breath-based approach allowing assessment of alcohol concentration in the driver’s exhaled breath focused on speed, accuracy and precision. Completed 2011.
  • Phase II – Additional Research and testing of touch-based and breath-based sensors to improve accuracy and precision performance, and decrease measurement time to meet or exceed DADSS performance specifications. The prototypes will then be installed in a research vehicle. This phase is expected to be completed late 2014.
  • Phase III – Phase III and subsequent phases of research will permit further refinement of the technology and test instruments as well as basic and applied research to understand human interaction with the sensors both physiologically and ergonomically – that is, how these technologies might operate in a vehicle environment.

DUI attorney Lawrence Taylor describes how alcohol sensors will be installed in America’s cars:

A highly sensitive alcohol sensor built into the transmission shift knob is able to detect the presence of alcohol in the driver’s palm sweat when they grasp the knob. The transmission will lock, immobilizing the vehicle if the alcohol detected in the sweat meets a pre-designated level. The vehicle will also be equipped with sensors located in the driver’s and passenger’s seat to detect the presence of alcohol in the air. If alcohol is detected in the cabin of the vehicle, a voice alert will notify the driver and a message will appear on the navigation monitor.

Could such technology actually prevent DUIs? According a recent study in the American Journal of Public Health the answer is yes.

“Alcohol interlocks are used very effectively in all 50 states as a component of sentencing or as a condition for having a license reinstated after DUIs, but this only works for the drunk drivers caught by police and it doesn’t catch the people who choose to drive without a license to avoid having the interlock installed,” said lead author Dr. Patrick Carter, an emergency physician with the University of Michigan Health System in Ann Arbor. “If we decided that every new car should have an alcohol ignition interlock that’s seamless to use for the driver and doesn’t take any time or effort, we suddenly have a way to significantly reduce fatalities and injuries that doesn’t rely solely on police.”

The researchers assumed that it would take 15 years to phase out older cars without pre-installed ignition interlock devices with new vehicles that are equipped with pre-installed ignition interlock devices.

There’s the smoking gun, big brother wants to take every car 15 years or older off the road so they can use only government approved surveillance cars!

Carter concluded that “over 15 years, 85% of crash fatalities and 84% to 88% of nonfatal injuries attributed to drinking drivers would be prevented.” This amounts to 59,554 lives. They also estimate that this will save an estimated $342 billion in injury-related costs.

To find out more about DUI or alcohol detection technologies, click here to read “Alcohol Detection Technologies, Present And Future”.

What can we learn from this? If anyone mentions ‘public safety’ or ‘terrorism’ our rights are ignored and big brother surveillance will continue growing unchecked.


9 thoughts on “What’s next in police state America? Why, cars equipped with DUI interlock devices, of course!

  1. Next, they’ll provide a printer that will punch out a ticket for each attempt to start the car with alcohol detection. Maybe automatic handcuffs and a notification to local law enforcement. It would save time if they just continue on their quest for a cashless society in which they can empty your account at their whim.

    1. Yep, like the movie, Demolition Man:

      “John Spartan, you are fined three credits for a violation…”

      Three sheets of paper come off.

  2. At $10000 zollars for a first time DUI, I dont see these technologies rolling out anytime soon. The only reason the country appears to be working is because the slaves are still paying their fines. If a day went by without this revenue the system would eat itself.

    food for thought. if one destroyed a court house they would steal ‘the peoples’ “money” and build another thats bigger and “better”. If one destroyed the ability for the slaves on the DOCKet to “APPEAR”, the court/banc would grind to a child-molesting halt.

  3. In the old days, I would go out to a bar and drink some beers and drive home and didn’t think twice about it. Now if I got into some liquor then I was getting a ride home or a taking a cab. Too many fatalities over the years on the road have led to these new crazy laws. Now if I go out to a bar these days probably won’t have more than a few beers. The laws have gotten real harsh and the police aren’t as forgiving.

  4. If one lives in a small town, it’s not a far walk from the bar to home. Or, like in our town, we have “Safe Ride Mike”. He can be called any time of the night for a ride home . . . for a donation.
    . . .

  5. So this is how they plan to get fines from us since the police can’t reach their quotas anymore.


    They will slowly inoculate us with this shit and make it standard like they did with airbags and everything else. You can bet your ass the insurance companies funded this entire thing. I bet their just dripping with saliva waiting for the money to come pouring in.

    1. What do you mean “waiting for the money to come pouring in”? I don’t normally watch TV but I was a youth basketball coach for years and with my Wisconsin Team in the Final Four I’ll be watching this weekend. But now, back to my point. I cannot believe how many commercials these insurance companies upchuck on the airwaves during sporting events or, for that matter, in any media venue. You tell me these insurance companies ain’t livin’ “high on the hog”! Just count the number of commercials for insurance and it’s damned near mindboggling. They wrote all the laws regulating themselves through the deep pockets of their lobbyists and have us right where the want us.

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