4 thoughts on “Unite with the Bill of Rights

  1. He wants it both ways this circus Barker will never have Henry on his show, therein lies all the bullshit. Do not talk to me about Bill of Rights unless you mean it

    Both of these guys are playing off each other, it’s so obvious they both don’t want to lose their Mammon.

    Come sit down and talk to my friends Henry and John quit hiding under your mother’s dress

  2. Funny how they both considered the Bill of Rights just a “piece of paper” before they felt threatened by tech enemies of the Bill of Rights when they themselves (esp. Beck, an Islamophobe warmongering neo-con stooge of Israel) have never fully supported it.

  3. As good as I can feel about The Bill of Rights being mentioned anywhere on mainstream, this one comes with all kinds of caution buttons and a sign that says: BULLSH*T AHEAD. Seems to me they’re listening to and reading at The Trenches. They know the dam is about to break regarding the truth and necessity of The Bill of Rights, so they are seizing the day, jumpin’ on the bandwagon. Grand opportunism, and with a twist. They’re doin’ it while they are upholding the system, the system whose corruption is so pervasive that it must be dismantled. And they probably also know that Henry’s outreach inviting Orange Man’s Red Hats, to come to the real fight and disavow the communist traitor could enlarge and embolden a movement for The Bill of Rights, with the INDIVIDUAL shining like a laser in the desert at midnight. They’re attempting to keep us under their tent. No tent can contain all the freedom-loving people of the world, especially American Nationals.


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