19 thoughts on “Until you are outraged

  1. I also refuse to discuss gun control with a generation that eats laundry detergent pods and are confused about their gender and what bathrooms to use

  2. When children are being taken away from good homes for not vaccination.
    Kill the police kill the social worker with them. The American people will support it. And when it happens don’t play secret admirarer say yes. It needs to happen.

  3. And just how many have been kidnapped, raped & murdered by the NWO maggots, that we never even hear about?

    WAY more than have ever been killed by guns, I can guarantee THAT!!! 😡

    1. Thank you GrayRider…..I just printed it out…looks great…going in the (car) rear window tomorrow………BAM!

  4. I think I’ve come to the conclusion.

    That people aren’t going to do anything until there are reports that the militarized police are unplugging incubators and killing babies at hospitals.

    Yeah… like I haven’t heard that one before.

    So I guess our apathy has a way to go as a yardstick of what we call…


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