Update on Alleged LAX TSA Shooter Paul Ciancia

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Star chamber defined: “In modern usage, legal or administrative bodies with strict, arbitrary rulings and secretive proceedings are sometimes called, metaphorically or poetically, star chambers. This is a pejorative term and intended to cast doubt on the legitimacy of the proceedings.”

In the American justice system, defendants used to have the right to a speedy trial before their peers. With rare exception, court proceedings were open, so the public could quietly observe hearings and trials. Public records — meaning any records about an American citizen collected by a public body — could be openly examined by any interested party. Today, these rights designed to protect individuals and inform the public are blatantly ignored with alarming frequency.  

Such is the case with 26-year-old Paul Anthony Ciancia, the alleged gunman in the November 2013 shooting in Terminal 3 of Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). He is said to have shot four people with a Smith and Wesson AR-15, one of whom died: Transportation Security Administration (TSA) officer Gerardo I. Hernandez.

After the event, the then 23-year-old Cianca disappeared into the star chamber of the Crime Syndicate staged deception apparatus. As demonstrated in the Boston bombing case of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, star-chamber proceedings are held in a setting where only handpicked “journalists” and “witnesses” are allowed to watch. The rest of the public gets to only see “artist renderings” of the hearing.

A sketch of Ciancia during his hearing in January is similar to what we viewed in the Tsarnaev trial.

In both the Tsarnaev and Ciancia cases, close relatives were barred from accessing the defendant, who is represented by a specially chosen defense attorney, such as the infamous Judy “Guilty, But Don’t Kill Him” Clarke.

Ciancia is represented by a federal public defender named Hilary L. Potashner. On Friday after sitting for three years without a trial in the Federal detention center in Los Angeles, it was announced that Ciancia would plead guilty and avoid the death penalty.

Court documents reveal Ciancia was carrying at least 50 of these magazine clips.

Now new details of the alleged incident were revealed in court documents covered in this Los Angeles Times story. We are asked to believe that Ciancia was able to enter the TSA screening area carrying the Smith and Wesson automatic rifle. The 5’3″, 115-lb. man was also suited and booted with more than 500 rounds of ammunition.

He was able to rampage unopposed for 10 minutes in the TSA area of an airport with $1.6 billion of security and state-of-the-art surveillance equipment and numerous armed agents. No camera footage has ever been released of the incident. The LA Times’ account states that “as Ciancia walked, he inquired if they worked with the TSA, witnesses told investigators.” Does this make the slightest sense? Last time I heard, TSA personnel were uniformed. He couldn’t distinguish? The document alleges Ciancia pre-planned his assault.

The last time Ciancia was supposedly photographed, he was laying on the floor at LAX, positioned at some distance to a glob of “blood” after taking four rounds by police, including one to the face and one to the leg. Notice how he is laying on his arm. Try this at home, folks. You will quickly find this to be an unnatural, yoga-style position. We can compare this photo of an emaciated Ciancia on a better day. It doesn’t even look remotely like the same person. The guy on floor looks like a dummy.

Indeed, dummies were used elsewhere in this hoax, such as seen in the overhead CBS News footage of a lifeless “Hernandez” being rolled outside in a wheel chair after taking 12 rounds from an AR-15. Hernandez was presented as hefty and sturdier-built, not a stick -like dapper cadaver. We have been offered some incredibly asinine cartoon images throughout various staged deceptions, but this one takes the cake.

Ciancia managed to text his sister prior to the shooting, stating that he had to “stand up to these tyrants” and “there wasn’t a terrorist attack on Nov. 1. There was a pissed off patriot trying to water the tree of liberty.” For the umpteen time, cui bono? Has liberty been secured and security at airports been loosened or tightened? Negativo.

And what’s a good hoax without a manifesto? Sure enough, Ciancia was carrying a one-page screed during his rampage. Naturally, Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) was provided a copy, which they “analyze” for you in unmatched comedic satire. This hoax was manufactured against “patriots” and “conspiracy minded” civil liberty “extremists.” PatCon (“Patriot Conspiracy”) fakes terrorize and frame patriotic Americans through false-flag attacks. It’s attempted control and rule by chicanery and fear.

What impeccable timing for Ciancia’s plea on the heals of the preposterous movie “Imperium” [reviewed here]. This may signal a shift toward PatCon-staged deceptions. TNN is planning on doing investigative reporting, obtaining court records and the CCTV video, if it exists. LA Times’ article states his attorneys have refused request for comment and interview. We will try to determine if there are any real news reporters involved and will try to make contact with Ciancia in an attempt to identify him as a real person. This case might even be worth pursuing as a book.

Finally, what’s a good staged deception without key eyewitnesses? One in particular is a doozy because he very much resembles, in both voice and appearance, a key actor at 9/11 some 12 years earlier. This rocket scientist and “expert” implanted early on the absurd notion that large skyscrapers can be brought down by fires. At LAX, he shows up without a wallet, ID or a plane ticket. Really? The video below is a must-view.

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  1. “Indeed, dummies were used elsewhere in this hoax, such as seen in the overhead CBS News footage of a lifeless “Hernandez” being rolled outside in a wheel chair after taking 12 rounds from an AR-15.”

    LOL… dummies PERPETRATED the hoax.

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