Update on new AO

Got the tent garage up for keeping building material dry, straight, and soon tools, bench, and generator. First time I’ve ever weed wack inside a garage.

Here’s inside looking out.

Temporary joo depository.

The pool that Mark asked about. (It was heated today, buddy)

Break area. 🙂

This hooligan was out as I was leaving. Got him to the gate, opened the gate, the sh!t head broke the gate anyhow. After I get chickens, gonna have eggs with him…

9 thoughts on “Update on new AO

    1. The house will be razed. It aint fixable at all.
      Gonna salvage all the wood possible and build a cabin, and out buildings, JoeSTP.
      I’m here right now, and a rooster pheasant just flew over head, cool. 🙂
      Internet works, and having a hydraulic sandwich for lunch.

  1. Hal, there’s such a beauty to this, and a determinism. Thanks for letting us see the progress.

    Btw, what is an “hydraulic sandwich?” I am so out of the loop.



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