Upstate Spray

Sent to us by Cleatus.

The first two are pictures taken in upstate JooYork on Friday at a job site, not a damn cloud in the sky, seriously nothing no planes dropping Chem no natural clouds. Then on Saturday Erving further upstate it seriously looked like missile launches across the sky. 30 years ago I’d have to imagine people would think we were under attack. Most didn’t even bat an eye when I pointed this out. Heavy heavy heavy metals, our creeks are mostly dead save the Chem trout “the state” stocks.  

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12 thoughts on “Upstate Spray

  1. “Most didn’t even bat an eye when I pointed this out.”

    Yes…. it’s strange how they can look right at it, and then seem as if they’re not be able to process the information before their eyes.

    “Change the subject. This is too much for my weak mind.”

    Strange looking structure, Cleatus. What the hell are you building there? Guesses: 1.Bathrooms in a public park? 2. Waiting area for future Greyhound bus stop? 3. Taco / Hot dog / Ice cream stand? 4. Housing for 6 Chinese families? (once I was sheet-rocking what I thought was a big closet, and it turned out to be a Chink’s office).

    1. Jolly it’s a gazebo for some clients I’m working for. Very good people whom played the “game” right. 20×20 pine framed with almost everything else being hardie board siding, azek, and Versatex pvc trim. The barrel in the roof was interesting with the copper. But my main concern is the heavy spray. Seriously it looked like simultaneous launces all over. But because Friday was spotless it showed stark contrast from yesterday. Thank you Henry and jolly for the opportunity. Stay strong

      1. Nice gazebo. That barrel in the roof made me curious, and copper would be the solution. Did you have to bend it around the framing, or did it come bent to that radius?

        (That barrel also made me think it was a commercial structure — the two big doors in the back had me thinking “men” and “women”.)

        1. JR there are 6 half circles made of two pieces of advantec 3/4 OSB that were adhered together, then we used 1/4 ply and fastened it down with screw – left to right slowly forming the arch. Then another sheet of ply in the opposite direction to give strength. I’m a big guy and it holds me with no issues. The copper then got hemmed in, we formed so the copper on a break and a local guy bend the bigger plates on his machine. It’s a cool structure.

          1. “1/4 ply and fastened it down with screw – left to right slowly forming the arch.”
            Same procedure for making round wall from sheet-rock.

            Sounds like fun. I’ve done mostly commercial interior work, so this stuff is interesting to me. Thanks for filling me in.

    2. ““Most didn’t even bat an eye when I pointed this out.”

      Yes…. it’s strange how they can look right at it, and then seem as if they’re not be able to process the information before their eyes.”

      Perhaps this will put things in perspective:

      “Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that.”
      ― George Carlin

  2. yup in Co too, my friend whose hsbnd is a pilot doesnt believe me when i say its chemtrails, they must all be mind controlled! Reminds me of the game we played as a kid, tic tac? im old cant remember

  3. At some deep level, they must know what breaking their programming will result in: a total shattering of their framework of existence up to this point. And the resistance is very strong. Once you learn the truth about something, you can’t unlearn it. And thus, you have to take responsibility for what you know, for the decisions you make with that knowledge, going forward. Prior decisions and judgements made in ignorance are forgiven as part of one’s learning to take responsibility. But incorrect decisions made knowingly are a different story. (best not to know. best just to stay ignorant, then all is forgiven….live your life in a pretzel-twisted mind trap but hey! at least it is familiar and you don’t have to make tough decisions…) Once you take that first step, though, you can’t go back. That is why, I think, so many people are doing an ostrich. Absolute unconscious blockages to deprogramming. In fact, these blockages must be PART OF the programming. There are many doorways in, such as 9-11, chemtrails, GMOs, pharmaceuticals, and for each and every one of these (and more), the programmers have built in very strong, seemingly plausible (on the surface), just a little “too easy” arguments to help divert and deflect away from the casual seeker who is satisfied with these explanations. The thing is, if it doesn’t make sense — then it ISN’T sense. All true dots connect — you can’t just throw data points randomly in the trash because they don’t fit or they are too troubling. Each one has to be considered. So for me, that is the test. If someone is trying just a bit too hard to discourage me from doing my own research about something, usually by attacking my intellect and judgment (i.e. “the science is settled!”) then that is the red flag, right there. But I’m not afraid of knowing the truth, and lots of people are. Too much at stake? What are they defending? A false self and false reality. I’d rather have real.

  4. Cleatus, you’re not thinking straight. Those are “Normal” clouds. All is fine, so saith, our government in occupation and the MSM. lol

    I have been pointing this out to people all the time in Dallas. A year or two ago, most of them just look at me like I was crazy and don’t even bother looking at the sky when I point it out. It was almost as if it was invisible to them and that I was hallucinating to them.

    Lately, however, as I’ve been pointing them out, more people have actually looked up and woken up to it as being somewhat abnormal. However, they still seem somewhat confused as to what to make of it and still struggle with themselves in believing that it can cause weather problems.

    Keep pushing and spreading the information on people. As they say, “Rome wasn’t built in a day”. Some people get it right off the bat, while others still need baby steps. They’ll all wake up and get it eventually. They’re getting it slowly but surely. Whatever you do, DON’T give up!

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