24 thoughts on “URGENT! Nevada militia is mobilizing! Cliven Bundy ranch

  1. Hopefully the trigger happy feds don’t get scared of American Nationals with weapons and start a war. People are fed up and if they pull weapons on the Militia, I can see it turning ugly real quick.
    Stay safe to all Militia that are stepping up to the plate. We have your backs if it goes bad.

  2. I wish we were closer. I would be there with bells on! I pray the militia stay safe, and that the feds are not safe!

  3. I hate to say this but this Bundy guy may be getting ripped off and all, but I hope that when this is all done and over that people do not forget about the little guy that never had any backing or local support.
    I hope ya`ll see what I am saying ya know.
    This Bundy rancher is a big rich rancher and is getting all this support but would he still be geting all of this support and attention if he was just a little guy?

    Just thought I would just mention this as we all know that the little guy never really seems to get any support except from scavengers that want to buy the little guys place for cheap if ya all know what I`m sayin` .

      1. Yes Paul, I hate to say that, but you will never here about the little guy that is barely making it and working hard and then something like this hapens and nobody seems to notice or care.
        I guess that I notice things like that.

        1. Yes and it’s not right that it’s that way either. The irs hammered me 30 years ago for taxes they claimed I didn’t pay. Wasn’t fun.

          1. Yes, but it has to start somewhere. It is way past time to stand up. They keep fortifying to the depths of hell. It is time for God to give them a little of their own medicine if they keep poking a sharp stick in his eye. This is when the little guy stands up if God wills. Bundy did not get to where he is without years of worry and work. He is no different than the little guy only his plight naturally gets more attention. He is the man who put beef on our tables and struggled day-in and day-out against insurmountable odds. Don’t be-little him with crass remarks, if you know what I mean. There has to be a rally point at some time, this guy is catching shit for standing because he has inner strength and I’ll bet it is from God.

    1. no millions over the last several decades were run off hauled of to prison murdered to take their land no one noticed or said a thing

  4. They better have a plan to deal with those 3 or 4 choppers that the Feds have in the air before they do anything else.

    1. I would think that a few well placed shots would take care of those helicopters if this is gonna turn into a battle.

  5. Yes the small local farmers get support.
    There was just a case in Michigan of a pig farmer whose pigs were destined for destruction because the DNR deemed them to have too many feral qualities, despite the fact they were gourmet pigs he imported for their fine meat. He kept his pigs.

    I would also like to see this story of a mobilized militia substantiated by at least anther credible source.

    1. Yes Scott. That guy was a exception though. I guess that I was talking about the little guy that raises a few animals to feed his family and friends.
      If the govt. gets their noses into anyones business they will find something to ruin the little guy every time. I personally know this for a fact – as they shut my families strawberry farm down years ago.

    2. Mr. Bundy, during an interview with Alex Jones of Infowars on this day, said there is already some militia there.

  6. I hope that if the communists raid this man’s ranch that the Nevada militia and all other states join the fight. If the Tennessee militia joins the fight……HAVE GUNS WILL TRAVEL. This IS another Waco I do believe!

  7. Well, if all those militias show up this situation could wind up more in favor of We the people…unlike during the Republic of Texas standoff in April-May 1997 when a bunch of militias folks claimed they’d be helping out but never showed up (some didn’t bother, some were prevented from coming since they didn’t know the area (mountains, and all roads to it were blocked except for one rancher ATV road), and some got halfway there and then it really went downhill from there…). Hopefully more local folks support Bundy as well, because Rick McLaren had almost no local support (then again, he was just scamming and money laundering for the most part…)

  8. feds keep pushing, their gonna draw back a nub where their arm use to be they keep it up… just to show how stupid they are… its not just Militias, but lonewolfs who support the cause as well but walk alone.

  9. Them pigs in copters are going to be an issue no matter when it goes south. Better get some good thinking people with material to take them out. And fast.

  10. Gonna need to dig fox holes and have some cover from the snipers and helicopters. They will try to use gas to flush you out of your holes so bring gas masks. If the gas doesnt work they will probably try to attack at night with night vision equipment. If they are attacking from the helicopters use 50 bmg armor peircing incinderary rounds or something very powerful. Some large bore cannons might help with vehicles or a large scale raid. Spread your men out and dont keep everyone bunched up. Good Luck Americans!!

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