US Economy in Final Death Throes

I am seeing an interesting phenomenon that has been developing just over the last couple of days. The mainstream propaganda machine has come forth with a lie on the unemployment rate that they know is not believed by anyone.   The stock market has been going up; heading towards the point it was at when it crashed in 2008.  We know that this rise in the stock market consists of nothing more than a couple trillion dollars in funny money, ink and paper, and digits in computers.  It is not real and we are about to find out that in reality it is made up of more of the same toxic derivatives that were used to pump the stock market up in 2008.

Yesterday I saw a piece on Fox News that I found very alarming.  It attempted to convince we the igmo people to take money out of our bank accounts and pay off our credit cards.   This is highly unusual for this time of year as we are coming up on the harvest, which is the best the economy in the US gets all year long.  It is this time of year that the campaign to encourage us to charge more takes off.  You know, as in early Christmas shopping.

It is like this.  Not if, but when, the runs on banks start, the credit card companies stand to lose a lot of money.  When the economy crashes millions more jobs are going to disappear overnight.  There will be no paychecks, no unemployment, and no bank accounts after they are frozen.  The transfer of wealth will be complete and those left holding IOUs are going to be shit out of luck, and that would be the credit card companies.

They are going to have to invoke full blown martial law as the mad scramble to grab any tangible wealth begins.  The foreign countries we supposedly owe money to are going to be demanding food and other real property in lieu of the worthless dollar.

Then we are going to find out who really has those bank notes on our houses as the foreigners bring in their armed foreclosure units made up of US police who are no longer US police because the US can no longer provide them a paycheck.  Of course they will still have all the guns and other goodies our tax dollars have provided and they will take them, because who is going to stop them, the police?…..or maybe the military?  No, not the military, I’m afraid they are paid in dollars too.

If you are not prepared, you are already a victim.  The only question is just how you are going to be victimized.  Stop worrying about those out there who haven’t awakened yet.  It is too late for them.  They are just going to have to suffer the consequences of their stupidity.  I would get out of the big cities if I could, or at least have a plan, a backup plan, and a backup backup plan for getting out.

I think we have run this rope out about as far as it is going to go.  And as bad as it is right now, before this Revolution is half over, we are going to look back at this summer as the good old days.  We will win but our negligence in maintaining control of our country and our government has assured it is going to take a lot of dying to do so.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

9 thoughts on “US Economy in Final Death Throes

  1. “We will win but our negligence in maintaining control of our country and our government has assured it is going to take a lot of dying to do so.”

    Well said, Mr. Shivley. You hit the nail on the head. Apathy is to blame here, and they were warned; “Eternal vigilance is the price of freedom.” It could have been so easy if people spent a few minutes of their day paying attention to the world around them instead of being concerned with how sexy they looked or how much money they had, but with the Zionist media working hard to destroy all morality, it’s not too surprising. People have no honor or integrity anymore because they’ve been brainwashed into thinking these values are silly. The ultimate divide-and-conquer technique was to make everyone untrustworthy by making them completely immoral.

    They decided to watch Reality TV while reality passed them by.

    1. I actually had a job interview the other day for Protect America Security company and one of the questions was “Put these three words in order that you think is the most significant: Honesty, Leadership and Integrity. Now I could have said honesty or integrity, but being that this company was a security company and a sales company, in order to get the job, I thought honesty and integrity would be right out the window in their scheme of things. So I said Leadership followed by honesty and integrity. The very opposite of what I would think. It’s pathetic that in order to get a job, I have to stoop down to their level of thinking. I’m still waiting to see if I got the job, but I can’t help but feel those are the answers they wanted to hear. One of those bullshit psychological questions they try to screw you over on.

      “Zionist media working hard to destroy all morality”

      From my reality of the world, they’ve already destroyed all of it.

      1. That is funny LMAO NC because one mans honesty is another mans lying con game – don`t you think – and they talk about integrity and leadership in the same sentence, they must think they are foolin a fool – which I highly doubt that you are NC. ——— Hey NC and you guys – I had to chill out for a while and I listened to the Harvest album by Neil Young . It`s was kind of refreshing to go back in time a little to when times were honest and simple – something people have no idea of now days.

        1. Honesty? What’s that, Digs? Is that when you steal from someone and say you were merely borrowing it? Is that when you lie and say that you took my words out of context? What’s honesty again? I “honestly” forgot. LOL

          1. Now ya got me confused NC – Honest–ly. LOL——————PS. Actually NC, honesty is a good dog waggin his tail cause he is happy to see ya made it home – that is honesty.

  2. “Yesterday I saw a piece on Fox News that I found very alarming. It attempted to convince we the igmo people to take money out of our bank accounts and pay off our credit cards.”

    I guess I got that one half right Henry – I took ALL my money out of the bank.
    I even withdrew all the money allowable from my line of credit at the bank.(their money)
    Oops, so sorry bank, didn’t know the economy was going to totally collapse, guess I won’t be paying THAT money back (wink, wink, nudge nudge, know what I mean?) (Monty Python)
    I figure since they’re responsible for the collapse (intentionally, of course), they can just suck up all the unpaid debts left behind, and kick rocks.

    I just visited with one of my brothers yesterday, and told him that as near as I could tell, it was most likely the last time I’d see him.

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