Will the American People Allow World War III to be Crammed Down our Throats?

The mainstream propagandists making the case for another Middle East invasion to precipitate World War III kicked back into high gear again on Saturday with the reporting of a man dressed in an Afghan police uniform killing two more NATO soldiers as hundreds of Afghans take to the streets shouting, “Death to America.”

Individual protests are spanning twenty countries worldwide from Gaza to Sydney, Australia, though it is being reported that Egyptian police have cleared the protesters from the streets of Cairo.

The attacks on NATO troops in Afghanistan have now turned to so called “friendlies” shooting down US soldiers while the Taliban have launched another attack on Camp Leatherneck where Prince Harry is stationed.

Apparently there are new calls for further attacks on US Embassies.  And then, as a side note it was mentioned that the protesters are calling for death to Israel, which marks the reality of the situation.

All of this coupled with a CIA op that facilitated Iranian’s President Ahmadinejad’s camera man defecting to the United States, purportedly with pictures of Iran’s secret nuclear facilities, is giving every indication of a set up for war.  Anyone who believes that Iran’s intelligence agency would allow some flunky camera man to take top secret photographs out of that country is a fool.   Who would believe that Iranian intelligence would not know when photographs are being taken of their secret nuclear facilities and would not take possession of said photographs immediately?

King Netanyahu’s cartoon bomb campaign was a miserable failure as he was literally laughed out of our country.  The Zionists are desperate to get World War III started before the United States economy is completely destroyed.

If you look at this most recent propaganda, coupled with the propaganda lies that are saying the US economy is getting better, the window for an attack on Iran before the truth can no longer be denied is evident.  I think everyone had better batten down the hatches and be ready for the worst as it is the worst that these demonic parasites intend to deliver unto us.

God help us to react in a sane and rational manner.

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