US likely to see a surge of Covid-19 in the fall, Fauci says


Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said on Wednesday that he thinks there will be an uptick in cases of Covid-19 over the next few weeks and that it is likely that there could be a surge in the fall.

“I think we should expect, David, that over the next couple of weeks, we are going to see an uptick in cases — and hopefully there is enough background immunity so that we don’t wind up with a lot of hospitalizations,” Fauci said when asked by Bloomberg TV’s David Westin about the prospect of another wave of Covid-19 from BA.2 or another variant, given the level of immunity believed to exist in the US today. 

Fauci reiterated that the US often follows other countries, offering the UK, which also has the BA.2 variant, as an example. He said that as well as a pullback on many mask mandates and restrictions for indoor settings, there has been a waning of immunity.

“Those conditions are also present in the United States,” he said. “So, I would not be surprised if we see an uptick in cases. Whether that uptick becomes a surge where there are a lot more cases is difficult to predict.”

Asked later whether it should be expected that this fall will look like the past two — and if people should be bracing for something around October — Fauci said that he thinks “it is likely that we will see a surge in the fall.”

He noted that “these are uncharted waters for us with this virus” and that with other viruses, such as flu — which people have decades of experience with — predictions about what might happen can be made with some degree of accuracy.

“I would think that we should expect that we are going to see some increase in cases as you get to the colder weather in the fall,” he said. “That’s the reason why the [Food and Drug Administration] and their advisory committee are meeting right now to plan a strategy, and we at the [National Institutes of Health] are doing studies now to determine what the best boost would be.”

12 thoughts on “US likely to see a surge of Covid-19 in the fall, Fauci says

  1. So does this mean that so-called “war in Ukraine” ends in the fall so they can “mandate” covid back into its fake existence? That way, they can call off the economic dogs on Russia, get supplies back so that instead of millions starving those useless eaters can die of the vaxx…or China takes back Taiwan since the imbecile in the WH knows the woke soy boy “military” couldn’t beat Xi and Co. “for all the tea in China”… Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah….. When the criminal psycho elites finally get their plans within plans in order, let me know…

  2. So because Shanghai is having CoVid cases all of a sudden, that means we’ll “coincidentally” have it and it will take 4 months to get here

    Thanks Fauci! Never let a good crisis go to waste. And if at first you don’t succeed, try try again, right? Isn’t that the definition of insanity? This time will be different though, right? You’ll get better results. I gotcha. (Wink wink)


    1. 4 months, give or take a few days. It depends if there’s traffic, flight delays, that type of thing.

  3. I have in-laws in China and friends in Shanghai. Word has it from my friends in Shanghai is that they are forced to stay in their homes and the government is supposed to send them food but due to government mismanagement and logistics, the food is not being delivered to anyone and is sitting at a location for the time being at which point it has now become rotten. My friends only have rice to eat at home and are basically on the verge of starving if the government doesn’t lift the restrictions or bring them food like they did in the past.

    Also, they say that the government in each province likes to play pass the ball by moving all of the infected people to a shelter/camp in another province nearby so the Communist governor or politician in that province can tell the great Xi Jin Ping, “See, the number of infected have decreased. I fixed the problem in my province.”

    Meanwhile, in Suzhou, a city in the Nanjing province which is Northwest of of Shanghai and literally only a few hours away, has seen a spike in Covid cases all of a sudden. Imagine that? I guess we know where the Shanghai government moved the infected people to. That’s Communism for ya!

    In Wuhan, my in-laws are saying the government is starting to prepare lockdown procedures again as they are expecting cases to appear soon there, too. Probably from moving more of the infected from another province. Here we go again!

    1. Sorry to hear such a dire report, NC. I hope they know about the covid lie, the virus that doesn’t exist, and that they are somehow able to strengthen their immune systems to fight whatever might be flying around out there. Tests and false test results. Lies and control. Well I guess right now, getting food is their main concern. Yeah, “That’s Communism for ya!”


      1. Yep, Galen. That first video is exactly the one my wife watched a few days ago. The guy is bitching and definitely saying, “What are we supposed to eat? What are we supposed to drink? This is Shanghai!”

        Basically Shanghai is like the New York City of China. Everyone is arrogant, rich, spoiled and stuck up and always ready to sue someone. They are very Westernized and always think they are better than the rest of China, so if you piss them off, it’s not pretty, as you can see in the video.

        Also, the bags of spoiled and rotten food in the other video pretty much says it all. Really sad.

          1. I’m trying to find more on these reported suicides/jumping out of buildings, but so far nothing. Why is this not being reported on every outlet in the world? Suppressed? False info? I do not know.


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