Veterans Today Radio (10-8-14) Another Log for the Sandy Hoax fire

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Published on Oct 9, 2014 by Glenn Canady

In the first hour, James Fetzer and Preston James talk about the new evidence that proves Sandy Hook was an elaborate hoax. They were running a drill! No kids died and everybody that knew it was a drill got rich. There have been several people killed to cover this up already. Preston James says that people are going to PRISON over this eventually. This was a terror act against the American people to attempt to take our guns! Wolfgang just converted a packed room of Oath Keepers, police, and EMS that Sandy Hook was a hoax!

In the second hour, Jim Dean gives a very detailed about what’s going on in Ukraine, Syria, Iran and on the current Ebola situation.

In the last half hour, Dr. Croft joined Stew Webb to talk about the Ebola situation in depth. He reports that as of 2 months ago he knew of 30 cases inside the US that he had collected through his nurse friends. He stated that Ebola could easily wipe out 100 million people or more if something isn’t done to stop this. He goes over some natural things that will help with Ebola – you should take notes on that and make a note to Stew’s favorite website for natural cures for anything which is Hanna’s Herb Shop at

Hanna’s will take your saliva samples and give you things to take for whatever is ailing you. Stew has seen his own father cured of cancer from a saliva sample!

One thought on “Veterans Today Radio (10-8-14) Another Log for the Sandy Hoax fire

  1. Came across an interesting video a guy did on youtube.

    He sites and shows THE ACTUAL FBI 2012, CITY BY CITY U.S. MURDER RATE.

    Sandy Hook, 2012………………………..0 murders.

    I don’t think it gets more ‘official’ than that, citing the FBI Crime Statistics Records.

    ~ Occams

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