Viral Image Captures America In One Photo

Before It’s News – by Lyn Leahz

Somehow, this does not surprise me. It would have a long time ago, but today, no.  We are becoming conditioned to things like this. Do you remember seeing reports of people running through the streets shooting and killing in the Middle East years ago, and how there would be some people in the background acting like it was no big deal?  And you thought to yourself, “Wow!  That would freak me out! How can they look like it’s normal?”  Well, that’s how we’ve become.

Although there is another take I have on this photo.  The gentleman’s step appears short and quick, and his right pants leg at the bottom, the way the material is moving, it could be that he is walking very fast and texting someone quickly to tell them what is happening. Maybe he was on his lunch and was telling his boss what was going on.  A picture is taken in a split second. How would it appear if we saw this same clip on video?  Interesting to think about.

YouTube Desc:

“With sirens blaring and people scrambling for safety all around him, an unidentified man in a suit and tie seems to be buried in his BlackBerry as he strolls by a Capitol Hill Police officer taking position with an assault rifle.

“That’s D.C., right? People are so wrapped up in that little device in their hands that nothing else matters,” said Doug Mills, a New York Times photographer who captured the surreal moment during Thursday’s lockdown at the U.S. Capitol.  Mills took the photo from a third-floor window of the Senate building where doors were being locked because a dramatic car chase and shooting were unfolding on the streets outside.”.* Cenk Uygur, Adam Green (PCCC), and Dave Rubin (The Rubin Report) break it down on The Young Turks.

2 thoughts on “Viral Image Captures America In One Photo

  1. Where is the evidence she was shot or even there. There is not one picture where she is shown. The closest picture that could have shown her was blocked by some boxes right in front of where she would have been. Also witnesses and a photo of the car noticed two adults in the front seat and no baby. Also some have said that the driver of that car was a professional driver with a navigator and finally no bullet holes in the car despite all that gun fire. Could it have been a hoax? Take a look for yourself.

    1. Hoax, doubtful.

      This could have been, possibly, a False Flag, perhaps if, say, there was a drill ongoing at th time for the same thing in the same location.

      Otherwise, nah. It was just some ‘lady’ with mental issues driving a really nice car. The unarmed ‘lady’ who ‘passed away’ was killed by a bajillion cops that shot at her, allegedly hitting her, as well.

      Remember, this lady ‘passed away’ as she was not killed by cop gunfire (although fairly common these days) for trying to evade arrest.

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