Viral Video Shows Nightmare TSA Line Stretching “For Miles”

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After questioning whether a self-imposed process to make airline check-ins more rigorous, knowingly increasing wait times, was a Federally-funded scheme to force travelers to enroll in pre-check programs, thus manipulating people into cooperating with authoritarian strategies; it seemed rather appropriate that the following video, which went viral, shows what is simply a stunningly long TSA line wait at Midway Airport.

As WaPo reports, when Sean Hoffman arrived at Midway Airport last week for his flight home to Oregon, he said he was taken aback by the comically long line to get through security.  

“I got to the end, (and) I was like, holy (expletive), people would probably like to see this,” Hoffman recalled in an interview.

And so he did…

And that wasn’t the end of it… Today the carnage continues at Chicago’s O’Hare, as CBS reports, with increasingly long lines to get through security at the city’s airports, many travelers have been missing their flights, and some ended up sleeping at O’Hare International Airport on Sunday.

American Airlines put out cots for fewer than 100 travelers who missed their flights Sunday night due to the long lines at TSA security checkpoints.

Adrian Petra said he missed his flight after standing in line for 2 hours and 20 minutes.

The TSA has been urging passengers to get to the airport at least two hours early for domestic flights, and three hours early for international flights. However, some passengers have said that is not enough time to get through security and still make their flight.

American Airlines said some 4,000 passengers have missed flights at O’Hare since February because of the long wait times.

American Airlines spokeswoman Leslie Scott sounded off on the security issues.

“We are frustrated. We know our passengers are frustrated, and our employees are really frustrated,” she said.

Scott said, on Sunday alone, American had to delay 30 flights, and about 450 passengers missed their flights due to the security lines.

Nearly 800 people missed American flights from O’Hare in the last week alone, the most of any airport where American operates.

The purpose seems clear, as we noted previously, Homeland Security wants to force more travelers to become “known” to the government via PreCheck programs.

Ultimately, it seems, Homeland Security hopes to be the arbitrator of who flies in the US and who does not. This is how fascism encroaches on public life, not all at once, but a little bit at a time.

How do we know? Our specialty is analyzing the “memes” of mainstream media, the propaganda regularly presented to create acceptance for globalist solutions.

Let’s analyze the steps taken in this case. The TSA has been embarked on a process to make airline check-ins more rigorous.

Here from Travel Weekly:

The confluence of events leading up to this point started last year when a TSA internal investigation revealed security failures at many of the nation’s busiest airports, where undercover investigators smuggled weapons through checkpoints in 95% of trials.

This caused the TSA to tighten screening methods and stop procedures that helped facilitate the faster flow of passengers, such as allowing TSA officers to use their judgment in moving certain people, such as families with children or the elderly, into the PreCheck lines.

The TSA and Homeland must have known that wait times would soar if more rigorous screening was implemented.  They did it anyway.

But here’s the real reason, as we read in a just posted AP Article:

In the past three years, the TSA and Congress cut the number of front-line screeners by 4,622 — or about 10 percent — on expectations that an expedited screening program called PreCheck would speed up the lines. However, not enough people enrolled for TSA to realize the anticipated efficiencies.

In other words, PreCheck has been in a failure. Not enough Americans have been willing to make themselves “known” to FedGov and Homeland Security.

The way to fix it is to make people so miserable that they join.

3 thoughts on “Viral Video Shows Nightmare TSA Line Stretching “For Miles”

  1. A lot of people must love their servitude.
    The nonsense would stop if people stopped flying for one week.
    Is anything really that important to justify the abuse?
    Not for me.

  2. The people are pathetic. First off when this began 2 hours early for a flight is redic. This just trains people for a possible food line/processing into camp fema region 1 zone whatever.

  3. This is a deliberate move by TSA to get people to pay them to go through a no stop program, remember everything is about money. Pay not to stay.

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