Virginia police issue $100 ticket to driver smoking with child in car: ‘We are watching’

Fox News

A police officer with the Virginia Beach Police Department recently issued a $100 ticket to a driver who was smoking a cigarette with a child in the car.

The police department posted a photo of the ticket on Twitter, writing: “Protect your children and keep $100 in your pocket! #NoSmoking #WeAreWatching.”  

Virginia police can issue the $100 fine to anyone smoking in a car with a child under 8 years of age, according to WAVY-TV. However, it constitutes as a secondary offense, meaning the driver has to be pulled over for a separate traffic violation first.

The law went into effect in July of 2016. Since then, the Virginia Beach Police Department has issued roughly 23 tickets of this kind, WAVY-TV reported.

7 thoughts on “Virginia police issue $100 ticket to driver smoking with child in car: ‘We are watching’

  1. Was in getting parts for my truck a few months back , and listening to a guy tell his story on how he got a ticket for this too. , and it sounded like the cop had to pull some illegal maneuvers of his own just to catch up and stop this guy from smoking in his car .. unbelievable

  2. Legalities aside, if you choose to smoke and slowly pay a tobacco company to slowly kill you, by all means, do so. However, as a parent, you should not subject your children to the toxic affects of that. Just as it isn’t a good idea to consume alcohol while driving, it isn’t a good idea to smoke in your car when your kids are with you. If you’re driving alone, by all means, feel free to light up.

        1. That was rhetorical, right?

          If not, then go look in a mirror and ask yourself if you need to be here at all.

          1. Do I have to be here? No, I don’t, but I choose to be. If you don’t like that fact, then maybe you should choose not to be here.

  3. Hahahahahaha, when I was a child, my parents loaded us up in the car, dad would light up a huge stogie and mom would light up a Winston 100 and down the road we went. Amazing that none of caught any type of illness from this if you listen to these do-gooders today. We never wore helmets or knee pads when riding our bikes, none of this safety BS at all and we somehow managed to survive.

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