6 thoughts on “Warmonster

  1. Either swamp got to Trump or he was The Trojan Trump the entire time, I suspect the prior based on hearing the way he spoke when signing the OmniPork today.

    Bolton = war

    1. This dumb ole redneck knew in Aug 2015 that this liar would be POTUS by tickling the ears of white people. Virtually everyone fell for it and called me every name in the book.

      A Drumpfter = an Obama Maniac = a Bushie = A Clintonista

      All have zero discernment, yet ravage me because I do.

      All anyone had to do is see how his entire life is filled and controlled by jews. Period.

  2. The piece of sht talks like a robot, listen to him sometime, friggen jerk off. Warnout kneecaps from spending so much time on his knees.

  3. It often feels like I missed the instruction manual that was handed out on how to suceed at asskissing, brown noseing,and gross hypocrisy. I just don’t understand the love affair with the tribe.

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