“Water protesters” set up camp in Glacier County, Montana

KRTV 3 News – by David Sherman

GREAT FALLS – A group of self-proclaimed “water protesters” have set up camp in Glacier County.

The Blackfeet Tribal Business Council issued a press release on Thursday about the situation.  

The press release, signed by BTBC chairman Harry Barnes, states:

The Blackfeet Tribe is aware there is a self-proclaimed Water Protester Camp taking place west of the Browning toward Starr School.

While the Blackfeet Tribe acknowledges the right to assembly and association, the Blackfeet Tribe is not affiliated with this encampment nor does the Tribe sanction any of its activities, speakers, and solicitations.

They do have the right to gather and express their concerns and opinions, but hopefully this is done peacefully and in a respectful manner.

We do not yet know how many protesters there are, nor what exactly they are protesting.


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