We Miss You, Diggerdan

danIt has been two years today since our brother, Diggerdan, passed from among us.  Diggerdan was one of the cornerstones our family here in the Trenches was built upon, as down to earth as a mountain and wise in ways few attain in this world.

We all got to know Dan via his one-of-a-kind comments that will never be replicated. His life’s experience was truly amazing as he was indeed a victim of the MK-Ultra program and had been down many roads in his personal struggle against the evil machine that is the insurgent government that has taken over in our highest seats of power.    

Dan was a horticulturalist of the old school and was wise in the ways of natural medicines and homeopathic cures.

Those of us who got to know Dan personally have been truly blessed.  I could go on, but suffice to say those who interacted with Dan came away better for the experience.

I truly miss my friend and it does seem impossible that two years have passed since he left us, so to all Dan’s friends and admirers, today raise a glass in salute or maybe torch a fat one and remember Dan.

God bless the Bill of Rights, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

From Angel: In Memory of Our Brother In Arms, Diggerdan

36 thoughts on “We Miss You, Diggerdan

  1. His comments were indeed unique and one of a kind. He saw the gestapo thugs for what they truly are. It really is hard to believe it’s been two years since he passed away. It’s even harder to believe that it’s been seven years since I found this site. I really do wonder how much tyranny the people of this nation have to endure before we take our Republic back and enforce the Bill of Rights as absolute law. I hope Dan is enjoying the afterlife, at least there, gestapo thugs can’t terrorize or kill anyone, or steal for their corporate masters.

  2. Me and Digger Dan are smoking a big fat bowl right now.
    I wish I was lucky enough to cross his path.
    So those of you who were lucky enough to be with him.
    Consider yourselves blessed.
    As long as we remember the dead …they are still alive in spirit.

  3. I did not know the man. From all that has been said, it seems he was a good man. I will toast Digger Dan…

  4. Dan was a nice person to me when I made comments here. Made me feel friendship in a cold world. It’s nice of Henry and his family to not forget him. You’re the real, good people in this fricked up world.

  5. You’re so missed around here digger. You had a way with words that will never be forgotten. Your kindness to me will always be in my heart. I hope your afterlife is full of good music, good company and everything you ever held near and dear.

  6. I was in Colfax, Wisconsin yesterday and drove by Dan’s old place. His trailer’s gone and the driveway’s chained off. Took my dog down to the park Dan and I would take our dogs to swim. Yeah, I sure miss the guy. 🙁 Thanks for the memories, Henry.

    I also visited my wife’s grave, she passed on 5/21/94. 🙁

    1. Millard, I was thinking of you this morning as well as Dan when I saw this post. You were family, and I know this is a sad day for you. I’m sorry for the loss of your wife as well. I’ve lost many myself, and take comfort that even though their bodies are gone, their souls will live on. You were Dan’s friend and his family. He has taken that with him for eternity. He is smiling somewhere.

  7. Digger Dan had a true friend in you Millard.
    Godbless you and yours and everyone here in the Trenches.

  8. Digger was a great man; and the reason I found this website a few years ago. I never would comment on his posts; because he was always dead on; what else could you say? We still have Wade and J.D.; who are on the same level; as are most of the regulars on this site. On that note; I wan’t to thank all of you regular posters; and all y’all do to make this place my favorite source of news and info. Any one of us could expire at a seconds notice; so thanks again; while y’all are still here.

  9. Cheers to you, Digger Dan! Never met you but I did shed a tear for you in your passing. I hope you’re haunting their asses and giving em as much hell in the next one as you did in the last one. I’ll smoke one for ya later, man, so the beer will have to do for now. RIP
    Mark Cornwall

    1. I’d suggest @4:20 P.M., whoever wants, burn one in remembrance of Digger. Like a coordinated trencher tribute.

      1. I was a little late for the 4:20 session but I hope his ears perked up this morning. Had a chat with my lady friend and I found myself smiling as I recalled some of his rants! Truly a force to be reckoned with but still seemed gentle under a sometimes rough exterior. 🙂 He and Johnny Cash are the only people I never met that I mourned. I guess that makes him a star in his own rights?

  10. Being a fairly recent arrival at this website, I never really had the chance to get to know the guy. It’s clear from everyone’s comments that I missed out. R.I.P.

  11. No more pain or sorrow for Daniel for these two years he’s been gone from among us. That’s a good thing.
    Millard I know it broke your heart as it did mine when he left us. I still can hear his laugh in my mind. He had a hard time in this world but he still saw and appreciated beauty in God’s creation.
    Let there be no doubt, he left us all better off than before we knew him. It was and is an honor to have known this giant of a man.
    He taught me things I would have never known otherwise.
    Thanks Daniel.

      1. Yes Angel. I remember most of them. Thank you for sending them in. What a great man. Will never forget.

  12. Digger is sadly missed.Can’t believe it’s been two years already, his spirit truly does live on.

  13. It broke my heart when digger passed. We would talk for hours at times, on a wide range of subjects. He was never at a loss for words, and he did love to talk. But he was adamant in his beliefs, and woe to those who crossed him (or any other Trencher regular, for that matter). I used to cringe when I’d see someone get nasty with him (or other Trenchers), he’d nuke ’em every time. I’m inclined to believe he probably holds the record for deleted comments… considering the nuclear nature of many of them. I REALLY miss that guy. Thanks for posting this, Henry.
    This was probably my favorite post by digger, people had a lot of fun with it…


  14. I think a good tribute to Digger would be a post of some of his comments. I sure do miss him and reading some of his comments would be refreshing!

  15. Diggerdan…

    One of many, One of us. Minds who you know or knew parts of their thoughts of, and have gone silent, forever. When then the sites they posted on and didn’t censor their thoughts and expressions go down and the waybackmachine cycles them sites out, they never expressed anything at all and the only thing lingering from them in this reality are their unique thoughts that are stored in the minds that read them and once in a while are expressed again.

    One of many, One of us.

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