We Rise As One: a Jewish campaign to defeat white nationalism in 2020

Bend the Arc Jewish Action

Feb 20, 2020

In 2020, Bend the Arc: Jewish Action is mobilizing Jews and allies across the country to rise up in solidarity and build a country that is truly for all of us.

Together, we will defeat the white nationalist movement that seeks to destroy us all. We won’t let politicians who harm our communities expand their own wealth and power.

Our futures are intertwined — we rise as one so we can thrive as many.

13 thoughts on “We Rise As One: a Jewish campaign to defeat white nationalism in 2020

  1. Seems they’ll say anything to point out division. They’ll say ANYTHING, except “Let’s all unite in support of The Bill of Rights.” Too damn simple, I guess. Or maybe it’s jus’ that it’ll solve so many problems that there jus’ won’t be enough chaos and confusion to keep the people subjugated. They fear it ’cause it brings the power structure to its knees. If only they knew how to hang out with the rest of us. Plenty to go around. Stupid, greedy IDIOTS!!!, spoiling the party, and for centuries.


    1. ‘They’ll say ANYTHING, except “Let’s all unite in support of The Bill of Rights.” exactly what I was going to say

  2. WOW what a propaganda piece this is. Trump is a jew and is ran by the jews who in the hell do you think you are fooling . Not the trenchers we know who is behind the mess in this country. And you stupid fools in the video with them they think of you as nothing but soulless animals aka goyim.

  3. Hi I am a black man. And I stand with the true Patriots of America. I say let do something about the damn Zionist Jews.

    1. Hello Otis. I think the jews are doing themselves in (but I am willing to help) ….way too many American Nationals regardless of color are awakening to the Truth

    2. Welcome, Otis! I agree, but I wouldn’t mind the walking contradictions doing themselves in, and it is not about “defeating white nationalism” but divide and conquer, with ordinary Jews being led down an even more evil path (aided by Christian Zionists no doubt!)

    3. Otis, we American nationals come in all different pigments yet our Bill of Rights is held by each and everyone one of us equally as individuals regardless of any divisive tactic the jews can try to throw our way to divide us instead of looking straight on at those that call themselves elites/rulers that hob knob together at the finest parties and golf courses and bath houses being of different gender, pigment, D’s or R’s, and going straight at them which is our right and DUTY. Check yesterday’s broadcast out here, I think you’ll appreciate it. https://fromthetrenchesworldreport.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/02/TWFTT-2-20-20.mp3

    4. Welcome, Otis. Their divide and conquer tactics are old and We the People recognize that from the zio-commie joos. Glad to meet you and happy to fight next to you so WE can ALL be free after We reinstate the Republic. Sooner or later God is gonna cut them down, and We are the instrument for that. SOONER, not later.

  4. The tribe is united around their jewishness while they try and divide us from our culture, people and heritage and Bill of Rights.

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