13 thoughts on “What is the connection between David Hogg and Nikolas Cruz?

  1. Yeah I think they all have a lot of explaining to do
    Yet I doubt we will get any truth out of any of them
    So similar to our government representatives, law enfarecement
    And MSM
    Dodge and deflect
    It’s all they know to do
    People need to quit asking and start demanding
    Seems the brats know how to demand
    Maybe it’s the adults turn

          1. Oh, sorry. New report just out. All previous tests were inclusive and therefore null and void. The latest test, conducted as a scientific, double-blind study has unequivocally proven the father is none other than Bernie Sanders. All with information regarding the mother are encouraged to come forth.



  2. “….What is the connection between David Hogg and Nikolas Cruz?….”

    They’re both ugly. They probably wanted to be real actors, but ugliness doomed them to being crisis actors, or paid shills.

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