2 thoughts on “What it is

  1. Yes, the doctors have been screaming about “transgenderism” for a long time, but who needs doctors when we have pedophiles, crazy bull-dykes and flaming queers to impart their gender “knowledge” upon us?

    Is it too absurd to suggest that maybe we shouldn’t be following the sexual advice of sexual deviants?

  2. Our slave-masters, farmers, oligarchs, or mind controllers sure have failed to earn any real or honorable support from their sheeple! The whole failed gender-chaos program only goes to demon-strate their own deep levels of dark corruption, desperation and depravity. Pretty pathetic attempted con-job, no? With all the resources at their disposal! They might as well just wear a pussy hat, themselves.

    How can anybody doubt they torture children to death and cannibalize us too? Our supposed wealthy worshipful masters (archons) are just ordinary evil demons in a handbasket, not ever worthy of listening to or beLIEving at all, no matter what they do!

    Sieze the assets of the corrupt wealthy, and deny their negative spirits their loosh.

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