What’s Harder Than Enrolling in Obamacare? Un-Enrolling in Obamacare

obamacareThe Daily Sheeple – by Lily Dane

Obamacare is notoriously difficult to enroll in, with stories of people unsuccessfully trying dozens of times to purchase insurance coverage through the exchanges and call center flooding the news. Even Obama himself couldn’t enroll via Healthcare.gov.

Now stories of problems un-enrolling in Obamacare plans are starting to surface.  

Missouri resident Lesli Hill purchased insurance on the exchange after the high-risk pool coverage she had was discontinued due to the ACA. She wasn’t happy about the $950 per month premium for her new policy, but was relieved to have coverage.

Shortly after enrolling, Hill found that she could purchase an individual plan with better coverage outside of the exchange. In early December, Blue Cross Blue Shield told her she’d have to cancel her Obamacare coverage prior to enrolling in the individual plan.

That shouldn’t be so hard, right?

Hill shared her story with Fox News:

“At that point, I hadn’t paid my premium … so I thought okay, that’ll be easy to do.”

She attempted to use the “terminate” button on the website, but – surprise! It didn’t work.

Must be one of those “glitches” the site has been experiencing.

Hill called the help line, and “literally was on hold for several hours a day.” She tried the online chat and was referred back to the help line.

It seems that the call center employees were never told how to help someone cancel a plan – there wasn’t a script for that.

Hill continued to call, and finally was given the impression that her Obamacare plan was cancelled – until she saw the $950 premium withdrawn from her bank account.

She called the Healthcare.gov help line again, and was told that cancellations are handled by a “special department,” but the contact number apparently is a secret:

“He said, ‘I’m not allowed to tell you that,’” Hill told Fox News. “You’ve got to be kidding me.”

Hill emailed the governor, the state’s two senators in Congress, the Missouri insurance department and others, with no success.

As a last resort, she drove to Kansas City to ask for help at a Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance office. Someone there navigated the help line and, after some effort, was able to get Hill’s plan cancelled.

It took SIX weeks for Hill to cancel her Obamacare plan.

Fox News asked for comment on Hill’s troubles and what protocol should be followed when individuals want to cancel an Affordable Care Act plan.

A spokesman with the Department of Health and Human Services referred back to the hotline:

“Consumers should call the Marketplace consumer call center for assistance at 1-800-318-2596.”

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4 thoughts on “What’s Harder Than Enrolling in Obamacare? Un-Enrolling in Obamacare

  1. Just another racket to exploit people. Healthcare prison – once you
    take the bait, you can’t regurgitate it. If obamacare is not good enough
    for public servants, why would anybody else want it.

  2. In a free market insurance is a measure of risk.You buy your own chance if you decide to purchase at all.Under fascism everybody overpays for shit they don’t want or need like excessive government regulation and their favored corporations.They called social security insurance,too.Good luck with that.

  3. We can all shit ourselves and say Obamacare is the worst financial disaster ever,as bad as it is,but wouldn’t Austrian economic theory dictate that the theft of our gold in 1933 was far worse economically while our more immediate forefathers took it directly up the ass like we do today on a grander scale?That the international de-linking of gold from the dollar (Aug. 15′,1971had no effect?That these economic charlatain witch doctors still proclaim that gold is dead and only money they create from nothing has value?Anybody out there understand what money is?Anybody know what a dollar is?Anybody know what money is or where or how it’s created?Did you know that governments could not afford to fight war if not for central banks and fractional reserves?The Russians will take care of themselves probably one person at a time.They only have trouble when their own government murders them by the millions.One more reason to trust the state because yours would never do to you what theirs did to them.Did you know that the Soviet’s had a constitution that guaranteed rights?Did you know that Washington is comprised of a gang of thieves who have no real political power and don’t give a shit about you while they laugh at you and mock you?I pledge allegiance to what?Oh wait a second maybe my right arm movement wasn’t fluid enough to represent how I will discard my God given individuality for the conformity of the state.

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