Sh*t Liberals Say: Gun Advice from Someone Who Doesn’t Know the Difference Between a Magazine and a Clip

de leon2The Daily Sheeple – by Kimberly Paxton

California State Senator Kevin de Leon made a dramatic presentation during a press conference the other day, displaying an AR-15 that was carefully zip-tied to highlight its “deadly nature”.

Judging from de Leon’s speech, it’s probably a good thing it was mercifully disabled, for the safety of both de Leon and his hapless audience. He would probably be well-advised not to handle any type of firearm more deadly than a Nerf gun.  

In less than 30 seconds after the politician opened his mouth, he successfully removed all doubt concerning his ignorance, just in case anyone had lingering questions previous to this. When demonstrating how deadly the “ghost gun” was, he confused magazines with clips,  made a mess of the firing specs, and, incidentally, made several grammatical errors that were bad enough to make your ears bleed.

Here’s your state senator, California…the gun control advocates and voters who elected him must be so proud.

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7 thoughts on “Sh*t Liberals Say: Gun Advice from Someone Who Doesn’t Know the Difference Between a Magazine and a Clip

  1. What an idiot, first of all bring on all of the idiot politicians who don’t know the difference between a SEMI Auto and a FULL auto firearm.
    I would like to see the person who can pull a trigger 30 times in half a second .
    Maybe that person needs to be banned from shooting a gun too.
    What is with the Ghost Gun bs.
    If the politicians can do pro Gun ban then we the people should be able to be on the pro gun ownership side .
    This is where we get unqualified , uneducated and uninformed persons trying to make a point that still gets across just because of all the liberals out there don’t know any better either .
    Just last night a couple friends of mine were all together applying frog lube to out pistols and rifles before we go on our pending wild boar hunt . The neighbor comes over and starts telling us we all have illegal weapons .
    So I explain to him that a bolt action 4 round magazine savage 110 rifle is not a banned weapon and neither is .357 magnum revolver.
    But he says yes all weapons that can shoot more than 1 bullet are banned and that the police will come and confiscate my guns because they are banned .
    Little did he know one of my friends at the house is a sherrif here in the county. When the sherrif deputy told him they are not banned the neighbor then shot off his mouth and said that he could make a citizens arrest on the Sherrif.
    Oops is all I can say as my friend the sherrif had to then flash his badge and tell the neighbor that unless he left my garage he would get a citation for disturbing the peace and trespassing .
    That ended the comedy hour .
    This just goes to show you that the media and politicians are poisoning the sheeple all over .

    1. Your deputy sheriff friend is a criminal for abusing his power if you didn’t notice it. That neighbor as ignorant as he is still has his first amendment rights regardless if he is on your property or not and even if you do not agree with his point of ignorant uninformed view. You should know better as a “concerned gun owner” who is infringing on another persons rights via threat of incarceration , financial loss or death by government agent. Seems to me you cant take care of your own battles needing a government agent to toss someone off your property while you were the one with the gun, what a joke. I would have grabbed that idiot by his ears and tossed him off my property gun or no gun. What your deputy sheriff friend should be doing is not what he is doing so guess what he is worthless. Just another thug with a badge and a gun collecting a government check, your story shows this blatantly. By the way good luck on that hunt.

      1. Good one MarkH. I was going to reply back to him but thought that it would be in my best interest not to as ya`ll here know what I think of cops and cop lovers. Yea Mark H, nice reply to him . 😎

  2. Isn’t it pathetic how they make a dramatic show over any weapon that isn’t in the hands of the state,while they forbid their lap dog media to reveal images of the carnage that results from state sanctioned murder which used to be known as war but now is a conflict or whatever the sanitized word of the week is for state sanctioned murder.

  3. Know what?If I could spread democracy world-wide with no war or death I wouldn’t do it.Because in a world of democracy war and death would be sure to follow.What good is democracy when the polls are rigged and well over 50% are not equipped educationally to make sound choices on governance?Peace,free markets.Physician,heal thyself.

  4. On the one hand it’s encouraging because they’re far too stupid to stop us patriots. Can you imagine this imbecile directing/running anything when the shtf?


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