When Peaceful Protest Is Made Impossible – Violent Revolution Becomes Inevitable

Wardo Rants

February 20th, 2022.

Made Impossible: (ILLEGAL, an Act of INSURECTION,) You have no choice but a VIOLENT REVOLUTION:
and It is your Duty
Insanity is – doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results.
If you really want to see change – start hanging Jew bankers.
Try them & Hang them in the town square.

12 thoughts on “When Peaceful Protest Is Made Impossible – Violent Revolution Becomes Inevitable

  1. I pretty much agree with what you’ve got to say there, Eddy, except the mention of the Declaration of Independence. This was the instrument used by the aristocrats who were the oppressors for the king to hijack a people’s uprising.
    I think the people had already declared their independence when the first American national put a bullet through the head of the first British soldier. The people had been enforcing their independence for about a year and three months before the aristocrats got it through their heads that the people were going to take this country.
    That’s why the Declaration of Independence is always brought up. In it they declared their takeover of the people’s uprising and just plain declare themselves the new government. Then they started hiring their private army who were not the militia.
    In the Articles of Confederation, these elitist c-k suckers in I believe the 6th Article of Confederation declare that those without land and those who are indigent have no rights. That’s why it was okay for them to own people of every color and creed as slaves.
    You’ll see that Declaration of Independence brought up time and time and time again, because it is a fraud. It is an aristocrat fraud, most of which who paid surrogates to fight in their stead and their descendants are the very sons of bitches we face today, calling themselves the ruling class.
    We’ve lived under a system of corporate welfare since the beginning of this bullshit. These sons of bitching frauds have been stealing from us since the non-ratification of that Constitution that never was.
    You can’t form a government in the middle of an uprising and that phony f-king constitution was never ratified or consented to by we the people. The only law that we the people who did the f-king fighting for our freedom and liberty gave sanction to is that Bill of Rights and that is the only law on this land.
    If you read further in that so called Declaration of Independence you will see that the aristocrats were bitching about not being able to bring in more slave labor from around the world to serve them.
    F-k that Constitution and f-k that Declaration of Independence, neither is of, for, or by the people and neither was meant to represent anything but a corporate aristocratic ruling class and their intent to subjugate the people who did the fighting and dying to drive their king out. When it was all over they went over to Britain in the deepest darkest chambers of the masonic dirty church cabal lodges and became the new lords who would exploit the united states for the king of England and eventually divide the country into corporate fiefdoms.
    I piss on their Declaration of Independence. My people declared their independence as the American national with powder and lead and they made absolute law their jurisdictional authority with the Bill of Rights. We never needed the aristocrats, the Declaration of Independence, or THEIR Constitution. We should have killed every goddamn one of them right out the gate, as they were the original oppressors and remain the same and we will not know true freedom and liberty until we enforce our absolute unalienable ratified law of December 15, 1791 and destroy every one of the sons of bitches.
    The Declaration of Independence is some of the brain washing that is the hardest to get the people to recognize so that they may break free of it.
    All in all, good video in my opinion, other than that piece of f-king toilet paper aristocratic Declaration of Independence you mentioned.

    1. Haven’t watched the video yet but damn Henry you f*in nailed it ! I laughed and cried, I want to read it again and again. We are truly blessed to have your knowledge and insight.

      Thank you


  2. Thank you, Henry, that is a “BRAVO” post. And concerning the founders and their documents… how right you are about “some of the brain washing that is the hardest to get the people to recognize so that they may break free of it.” Absolutely toughest nut to crack. Case in point, article below I just came across from Ammoland: a strong desire to protect rights, but too many misfires to mention, and a prime example of Declaration and Constitution being exalted:

    Americans’ Fundamental Rights Are Dissipating Rapidly Time to Cling to Your Guns:



  3. What a lot of people dont understand is these people are pure evil and want to enslave you or want you dead. How can you want peace with them or have a peaceful protest with people who want you enslaved or dead.

    1. deon, this has always been the hallmark of the Canadian identity, except when our soldiers were duped into taking Vimy Ridge. It is going to take a whole lot more than protesting peacefully, to wake the people up. I mean, jolt them into awareness of who and what they are really up against, and what the last resort will have to amount to. Too peaceful, too polite and too naive to realize the violent truth.

  4. Violent Revolution is not inevitable. It can only be done if the people have the courage. I believe that the people do. We are just far to stupid to see how we are being attacked.
    And the high jackers. Will the peoples rage blind them from this like before? I sure hope not. I think to many people understand the game. Hence why all these so called truthers have homes in other country’s. If you don’t call out the real enemy, your the enemy.

    1. Violent Revolution?
      Have you been listening to a f-king word on this site at all?
      A revolution is when a group of people conquer a country to change its system. We are not revolutionaries. We are the supreme superior jurisdictional authority in this country and we are going to enforce the supreme superior unalienable absolute natural law ratified December 15, 1791 that belongs to each individual free sovereign one of us and destroy this unlawful occupation that is in violation of our law.
      A lot of people would love a revolution, then they could try to put in a theocracy or make themselves into the next ruling elite.
      No no no, not revolution. The people enforcing the people’s law and doing so in pure righteousness. That’s it.

      1. Your 100% correct. I worded it wrong. I don’t want to change what was established by the real founders. I’m not perfect but I understand that the meanings of words are everything. My apologies. Won’t happen again.

        1. Same with me. I have learned quite a bit over these past 3 years and still, I fumble. I embrace correction. In this moment it has become crystal clear to me why this website is The WORD From the Trenches.

          1. It’s good to have someone like Henry to be able to check your a$$ when a guy f-ks up like that. I appreciate the harsh criticism. I’ll defend myself if I think I’m right but I was wrong on that one for sure.

        2. Don’t sweat it.
          I have a hard time myself picking through the correct terminology. We just have to use the right words if we want to convey the right meaning.

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