Cops Attack Ottawa Cafe, Threaten Owners

Published February 21, 2022

This happened on Sunday February 20th 2022. Various police agencies in Ottawa descended on the iconic Cafe in downtown Ottawa demanding they let them in. The owners, who have been open the entire time during the demonstration doing great business, refused to open the door, put up the closed sign and stood their ground. “In the name of Jesus I command you to leave!” the owner said. “You’re breaking the law, we don’t trust you.” Great stuff. The cops threatened to break the window numerous times but the valiant couple, the owner and his wife, repeated “there are no inspections allowed on the weekends, if you want to break our window, if you want to take our business license, we don’t care; we have nothing left to lose. We are not afraid of you!” The jackboots eventually left. May God bless and fortify this amazing couple!!

3 thoughts on “Cops Attack Ottawa Cafe, Threaten Owners

  1. Just saw this video before coming here to see it’s posted already
    Dam yer quick

    And what every pig needs to hear
    “ I don’t trust you “

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