Where does Pennsylvania rank on new list of most corrupt states? It’s shocking!

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Penn Live – by John Luciew

Government corruption is a given in states like New York and New Jersey, right? But where does the Keystone State rank. And which is the most corrupt state in the Union?

According to Yahoo.com, a recent report provides an answer:

An academic study by Professors Cheol Liu and John L. Mikesell, from the University of Hong Kong and Indiana University, respectively, set out to rank states by their level of corruption, drawing upon arrest and conviction records for public officials.  

Big surprise: The researchers found that states with greater public spending have more corruption — particularly when the spending is in areas ripe for bribery, like construction, police and highway projects, Yahoo.com writes.

So where does Pa. rank?

According to the research report, the Keystone State is a hotbed of corruption. So much so, it lands at No. 5 in the rankings, outdoing the likes of New Jersey and New York. Neither of the latter states even cracked the top 10.

Who knew?

Here’s what Yahoo.com writes about Pa.: “Who saw this coming? Brooklynites have weekend houses here. New Jersey residents plan retirements in the Poconos. But the data say: There’s bigtime corruption here.”

As for the rest of the top five: Illinois, “an old standby,” comes in at No. 4.

Tennessee is “singing the blues” at No. 3.

Louisiana — “ask former New Orleans mayor Ray Nagin” – ranks No. 2.

And, drum roll please, Mississippi, floats down the river at No. 1.

Writes Yahoo.com: “The poorest state in the U.S. Also the one whose corruption most approaches levels in a Third World country.”



5 thoughts on “Where does Pennsylvania rank on new list of most corrupt states? It’s shocking!

  1. I’m shocked that PA was #5 on the list, although I thought it might be top 10. We do have lots of problems around here, and the big money always wins for some reason¿
    (eh, frackers???)

    1. I’m a little surprised we’re that high too. As for those frackers, they dumped half a million gallons of contaminated water into a stream 2 miles from us and nothing was done. Deep pockets always win.

  2. I don’t buy these rankings at all.

    If New York, Kalifornia and Florida aren’t in the top five, it’s more than likely made up.

    1. This is the second top 10 list posted here. The last one didn’t have CA, NY or NJ either.

      Likely true.

      When it comes to corruption, no one has a corner on the market.

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