Who needs Bluetooth headsets? Motorola patents ‘neck tattoo’ smartphone accessory

Digital Trends – by Andrew Couts

If you think a Bluetooth headset makes you look like a tool, how about replacing it with a … throat tattoo?

That’s right, a throat tattoo. Google-owned Motorola has received a patent for a smartphone-connected system “that comprises an electronic skin tattoo capable of being applied to a throat region of a body.”  

According to the patent, which was published last week, the “electronic neck tattoo” connects to a smartphone via a “transceiver” similar to the way a Bluetooth headset, smartwatch, or Google Glass device would pair with a handset. It would have its own power supply and can be outfitted with a microphone, which would allow you to control your phone using only voice commands.


The patent goes on to explain that the wireless throat tattoo would be able to connect with a “smartphone, gaming device, a tablet computer, [or] a wearable computer, for example” via NFC, Bluetooth, ZigBee, or other similar signals. Strangely, Motorola also says the tattoo can also be applied to animals, so it sounds like our dreams of cyborg dogs and cats will finally become a reality.

As completely ridiculous as this whole throat tattoo thing might sound, it’s far from the first of its kind. Last year, Nokia patented a “vibrating tattoo” to let you “feel” when someone is calling you. This artist has an RFID chip implanted in his hand for some reason. And some believe we’ll eventually do away with passwords, and replace them with tattoos or pills.

So, you see where all this is going. In the not too distant future, all the devices that we lug around with us will be gradually replaced with electronic tattoos, pills, and embedded chips. Before too long, we’ll be into Blade Runner territory, and Harrison Ford will be testing to make sure you’re still human. The question is: Will you be?

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3 thoughts on “Who needs Bluetooth headsets? Motorola patents ‘neck tattoo’ smartphone accessory

  1. i actually saw a bar code tattoo on the back of the neck of two bald headed men at an am/pm convenience store. gotta admit it tripped me out.

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