Why Is the US Military Rationing Meals? They Have a $770 Billion Budget. What’s Going On?

Gateway Pundit – by Joe Hoft

What is going on?  The US Military is rationing food on at least one huge aircraft carrier.  Why is this happening?  Doesn’t the military receive hundreds of billions of dollars each year?  Where is the money going? 

This Memorial week we received information that the men and women on US aircraft carrier, the USS Harry Truman, are receiving food rations.  This makes no sense.

The USS Harry Truman is not at war.  It is not in harm’s way.  It is in the Mediterranean Sea near the conflict in Ukraine but not in the Black Sea.

Around 5,000 personnel are on board this huge carrier.  Reports are coming out that the ship is rationing food.  Why is our military doing this?  It makes no sense.  They are only receiving two meals a day.

Where are the billions going?  Who is making the call to ration meals for our soldiers?  Is this the love and respect they get from the Biden/Obama Administration?   It appears that this is punishment, but for what?   Why are our soldiers being treated this way?  Is this just another effort to destroy the US military?  First, Biden had forced vaccinations – now food rations – what is going on?

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7 thoughts on “Why Is the US Military Rationing Meals? They Have a $770 Billion Budget. What’s Going On?

    1. Me personally, I wouldn’t want that for them. Never know someone’s knowledge, it just might be needed. But to each it’s own. Maybe we shouldn’t throw the baby out with the bath water?

    1. To them AND the American nationals. Always have been revenue generators for them unless they have an active plan to use them as private mercenaries to further their plan.

  1. Its the ‘USS Harry S. Truman’. That’s the ships name. not “the Truman” or “Harry Truman” or “USS Truman”.

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