4 thoughts on “Why ObamaCare Must Be Stopped

  1. Stopped? I didn’t know it ever got started, and whatever remains of it will probably be ignored until it’s forgotten.

    Is anyone anywhere paying for that nonsense?

  2. Must be stopped? Hardly.

    It’s already in full-fail mode, with no outside help needed to hasten its demise.

    Its only usefulness now is as a distraction.

  3. A reminder:

    good system admins don’t allow Ingress/Egress/or Forwarding packets from healthcare.gov.

    Thanks for your attention.

  4. The problem is that no one is looking at It can’t be law when No one wnats it and the People in Washington by pass the Congress and the people. It is against the Constitution. Oh thats right those in power can’t and won’t read or abide by it Mark

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