3 thoughts on “Why so many people HATE Truck Drivers

  1. I dont hate them. But.
    When they get in the left lane to pass another truck and slow all traffic for 5 miles while they pass makes me want to fire a warning shot. Interstates tend to run 65mph and trucks are to do 60 here in oregon. Add 5 in Washington. They (trucks) tend to do 68-70. So when one goes 62 all these other trucks want to pass but they get scared to speed and being in the left lane and only do 65 or less and block up all traffic so im going 69 and have to hit my brakes because now traffic is doing 52 because an absolute butt fncker(abf) truck wants to pass a fed ex triple but cant.
    Some trucks have the gps tracking that tells on them. My delivery rig does too. I get it. I also tend to block trucks from left lane as much as possible. Normally its a rag head or a tattoo rich russian. Dont care. Sorry.

  2. Too many entry level guys, not enough veterans. Slow trucks in left lane piss other truckers off as well. Companies govern the trucks speed, rock and hard place. What I do is too slow down and let these trucks pass, not many do this, why, I have no idea. Why would you drone on and not slow to let the idiots pass is beyond me.

    I’ve had 4 wheelers thank me while doing this. 🙂 they really appreciate it, so I loose 20 seconds, no big deal. We have alot of ass hats out here, including veteran’s, for some reason slowing to let traffic pass isnt in they’re make up. Strange…

    Most of these idiots would never slow down to let other trucks pass, more important to make the new guy suffer during a 10 minute pass at 1 mile per hour.

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