Will Gullible Americans Tolerate Another Purchased Election?

anonymous_cowards_are_buying_the_2010_electionFreedom Outpost – by John DeMayo

The headlines are a blaze with suggestions that big money interests are about to go to war with the Tea Party and liberty minded Americans in the 2014 election cycle. We have lived through almost 5 years of the most corrupt Executive Administration and Congress in the history of our Republic and the best citizens can hope for is an election that may swing the balance of power from one corrupt party to another?

From Article 2, Section 4 of the United States Constitution: “The President, Vice President and all civil officers of the United States, shall be removed from office on impeachment for, and conviction of, treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors.”  

The obvious problem with the above law is most of our elected officials granted the power to pursue impeachment may also require impeached for perjury of oath, abuse of authority, bribery, intimidation, misuse of assets, failure to supervise, dereliction of duty, conduct unbecoming, and refusal to obey a lawful order; all high crimes and misdemeanors.

Americans are now becoming dangerously comfortable with living under a dictatorial government who enforces their will on Americans through threat of property confiscation by armed force. Decades of maladministration and unlawful legislation have left Americans twisting in the wind.

Washington is stalling and arguing about one law—albeit a dangerous law—the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Meanwhile, the collective corrupt acts of our elected officials go ignored and un-prosecuted. It is time that the American public considered a move towards forced expulsion of many of these elected representatives.

A Congressional Research Service Report on “Expulsion” can be found here.

All it takes is a simple resolution—proposed in Congress, calling for the expulsion of specific members of the House or Senate, for violating any number of laws, regulations and standards of conduct in the performance of his/her duties or the discharge of their responsibilities—to get the ball rolling.

Article 1, Section 5 of the United States Constitution provides “Each House may determine the Rules of its proceedings, punish its members for disorderly behavior, and with the concurrence of two-thirds, expel a member.”

Any resolution offered for expulsion requires referral to the appropriate House or Senate committee, where an investigation is performed, and recommendations for further action are rendered.

I offer the case of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid; a man, who countless times refuses to consider a debate on, or schedule of a vote on, bills passed by the lower house. Harry Reid is knowingly and wantonly guilty of maladministration of his official duties. He is also flouting the will of the peoples lawfully elected representatives contravening his sworn oath of office. This is a crime against America.

Expulsion was designed for people like Nevada Senator Harry Reid, and others.

I know, I know, I probably stand a better chance of President Obama inviting me to dinner at the White House then Senate Select Committee on Ethics Chairperson, Barbara Boxer (D), pursuing a credible investigation into Harry Reid, but then again, maybe not.

I would offer that Senator Boxer and any other Select Committee on Ethics or subcommittee members receiving campaign contributions from Harry Reid or his campaign fundraising apparatus should by law, be required to recuse themselves from committee investigations and deliberations on any resolution calling for Reid’s possible expulsion. At least that is how the process is supposed to work. Moreover, in keeping with the spirit of government transparency, I would also like to see these committee hearings on C-SPAN.

Congressional expulsion investigations provide America with the means to remove corrupt officials from office by before they have the opportunity to purchase another election and strengthen their grip on our lives. A full out constitutional assault on a corrupt Congress demands consideration.

Even if my proposal falls flat, even if the required two-thirds vote cannot be obtained, it will serve further to illustrate the total disregard for the rule of law that exists in Washington and the need for national acts of disobedience.

Frankly, I favor the repeal of the 17th amendment to the US Constitution. However, I am not holding my breath on that one. What harm would come to our nation if an out of control, reckless and corrupt Washington were suddenly called to hold their own accountable or be held accountable, not at the polls, as they suggest, but by an enraged citizenry, unwilling to wait for one more purchased election before turning their fury, in mass, on Washington D.C.?

What courageous Congressman or Senator will champion this cause? Why are they waiting and why has it taking so long for someone to come forward. The establishment is already organizing and targeting conservative candidates for removal in 2014.

President Obama is one corrupt man among hundreds in Washington that require removal and permanent expulsion from public service, if not imprisonment. Our Constitution provides remedy for this. It is time conservatives both warned and encouraged those we sent to Washington to clean up our house before we clean their clocks.

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Read more at http://freedomoutpost.com/2013/10/will-gullible-americans-tolerate-another-purchased-election/#fiDFQ6h8DpazSlSW.99

8 thoughts on “Will Gullible Americans Tolerate Another Purchased Election?

  1. Yes, Americans very likely will permit another crooked election. They let the first one slide by, and my guess is that this next time it will be even easier to moan and call a few names, but not bring all this to a jarring halt followed by an inquisition.

  2. YES they sure will just like those idiot shouting USA USA USA in Boston when there was marshal law being shoved in their faces with no regard to the Constitution. When I talk to the general population about the situation at hand it is very telling.Some folks know the score others want to pretend this is all going to just go away sooner or later,they are very wrong!Anything that this criminal government tell the people as news is always a lie and the MSM continues to be the whores that they are by reporting what they know for sure is BS.They are the ones that tell the sheep who is and who is not electable and the sheep respond quite well to their orders.WTFU Folks,time is running out!

  3. Article is spot on, perhaps not going far enough. Compare to the mortgage fraud, and bailouts, nothing has changed.

    1. ZERO – Chain of custody from doping process to the polls of every silicone electronic chip
    2. NSA – into the communications backbone, signals (invisible to the human eye) representing votes electronically on this backbone, which is an infinite broken chain of custody.
    3. Corporate Media – Bias, Steering Issues, Money, Dangerous Cult like behavior. (lookup Bonewits ABCDEF – Advanced Bonewits Cult Danger Evaluation Chart
    4. Foreign and Corporate Affiliations, Membership and agenda vs a meaningless D,R,I,P,L,G party name after the name of the candidate – this tells voters zero about what these oath breakers plan to do.
    5. Lies and Fraud And Deception are KILLING Truth, Integrity, Justice.
    6. A candidate, an ACT, a proposition, etc which passes under said electronic vote tabulation system with no chain of custody allows for Oath Breakers to assume power, no surprise they attack the US Constitution and bill of rights, and empower the banksters.
    7. Big Money and Corruption. Blackmail, Air-Time, Propaganda Production, Murder, Theft – occasionally exposed, hardly ever prosecuted.

    8. (Something I learned this year) ISRAEL, while I knew about AIPAC for quite a few years now, what I didn’t know about was MOSSAD, and DUAL CITIZENS holding office and all up into our communications and vaults and highest classified secrets. But if you look at gun control, Obama Care I see ISRAEL behind it. Of course when I point this out, I am labeled Anti-Semetic

    9. My Senator currently is Diane Feinstein, just TWO days after I wrote her about her oath and said something along the lines of “SO HELP YOU GOD” the USAF Caddets whatever have removed it from the oath.

    About a day after I was pointing out crap and came to the conclusion the NSA must be de-activated, we all heard about that new LAW where you can’t talk crap about the NSA

    It’s like she is using my communications of redress as a WEAPON

    I also note (I use popvox) that the TEXT for important bills always seems to be missing from GOVTRACK or something. But how can the people make even understand what these oath breaking scum bills are with no damn text? I unlike others, vote NO when there is no text. The bill could say something like, “The Sunday everyone will brush their kittens ACT” which has no text, but after it’s PASSED, we find out it was to build secret GAS CHAMBERS for returning veterans.

    If I had a gun, I wouldn’t turn it in
    If I had FRN’s, I would be converting it to something I can HOLD, like gold, or silver, or property, or stuff to barter with.
    Other than prepping I have no other plan.

    But I can tell you this, if the IMF and banksters manage to kill government pensions (old school grandfathered for 50 years plus service), and or they kill the bond market, I AM TOAST, I will be 1929 in 2013. And I already am not HAPPY right now with the CRAP i already see.

    The ONLY, and I mean ONLY GOOD NEWS, is that a hard core sheeple that I know is NOW starting to feel the heat, question is will they break through and come up to speed in time before it’s too late?

  4. Maybe what I really mean here from point #9 on is that it NOW FEELS like when I write the Senators / House like I am communicating with the enemy.

    Maybe that’s a wake-up call right there.

  5. For the Record – I have the electronics, programming, network design and electrical power generation and distribution background, which is why I always bring up electronics when we talk about elections. Do I have a degree no, cause I don’t have money to burn for UC Davis, but I do have several sets of technical books on just about every chip ever made. I understand the broken chain of custody from the DOPING PROCESS when the chips are fabricated. Even the pentagon had red team blue team with this problem. But you add in the NSA, and we are TOAST if this doesn’t change, hell they are talking about INTERNET VOTING, yet they didn’t even count the TROOPS VOTE!!!

    No wonder Feinstein, Shumer and the rest of the zions want the veterans disarmed.

  6. Basically I am a leech off of someone who has 50 years in government at this point. HONORABLE SERVICE not this oath breaking shit. So I can see where you all might not have pitty for me, but KNOW this, I have nearly been driven CRAZY over the past 12 f#@king years, watching as everything instilled in me that was good, being exposed as lies and turned into shit right before my eyes.

    I am not the CRAZY one. But the moment I raise my voice or snap cause they push me too far, they will immediately use the DSM-IV (a f#@king false science) to SCREW me. And if you sign up for this f#@king obamacare, these same f#@kers will target you, in fact, if you sign up for OBAMACARE or the UN-Affordable Care Act, you are basically saying F#@K THE US CONSTITUTION.

  7. When you write or complain to any government facility at any level you are communicating with the enemy! The whole group of government officials are infected and corrupted from top to bottom! I only hope there are a few pockets of true patriots in those vile trenches known as the halls of government. The pentagon is full of traitors too because if it were not this would never be happening in the first place. And commander that is not a government shill is being replaced with one that is. We have been warned over and over about the out of control military industrial complex and now even the cops and sheriffs for the most part are nothing but an extension of the military with the militarization of the LEO’s in this country.It is going to get a lot worse till the whole damn thing explodes in all of our faces no matter what we do.I hope I’m wrong but I do believe that I’m right about this.

  8. Since I finally got to vote for Ron Paul (2012 Republican primary and write-in for President 2012), which I have wanted to do for years, I have not renewed my voter registration card. Like the old Phil Okes song: “I Ain’t A-Votin’ Anymore!” But don’t worry, I’m still complainin’….

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