More Lying & Dissembling From The Enemy on Capitol Hill

Northeast Intelligence Network – by David Gagin

The Obama Administration is being pressured about the problems which have prevented people from successfully participating in “Obama-care” due to massive failures of a website which “We The People” have already paid more than $400 Million to roll out.   

This while health insurance policies across the nation have been canceled due to implementation of the law called “Affordable Health Care,” a misnomer in that it cannot provide adequate coverage for the average American, compared to the policies they already had, nor does this law provide coverage that can be called “affordable” since it will cost more compared to pre-existing plans, up to 3 or 4 times or more in premiums which is a severe blow to Americans already afflicted by the inflation in our economy coupled with painfully reduced incomes due to reduced hours, pay cuts and job losses. Economically, this is a slam-dunk that could drive the depression even deeper, threatening an economic collapse and reducing to nil any chance for a recovery.

One can easily surmise this goes well beyond any lack of oversight or competence – it seems so obvious this is a draconian effort to destroy the country on purpose: create a law which if followed takes the country beyond the point of no return. This law is itself criminal, an in-your-face violation of individual rights in a free marketplace, and a law that cannot be legally enforced in the first place since it is blatantly unconstitutional and because it demands illegal actions by enforcers in its execution.

But the so-called representatives who voted for this fiasco have been warned by the American people that their assent to this impudent affront was denied. In spite of the widespread outcry against it, “law-makers” ignored the rights of Americans and forced it through. Then Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi was infamously heard to quip: “We won’t know what’s in the law until we pass it,” the outrage of the American people notwithstanding.

Americans will plainly see that no relief or justice is forthcoming from Washington in the wake of disingenuous “hearings” and lying testimony in support of “Obama-Care.” What can we really expect from compromised administration “officials” like Kathleen Sebelius, or from House committees also compromised when their performance has consistently shown us they will “circle the wagons” against us while they pretend to be coming to our defense? Everyone is aware that it is lobbyists from powerful special interests in the insurance industry, as well as Rockefeller aligned elected officials who will do the bidding of their wealthy benefactors while they throw constituents under the bus.

The result will painfully be a rising resistance, with civil disobedience en masse of this law which will then lead to imposition of martial law. The repudiation of “Affordable Health Care” will be too widespread for the IRS army of enforcers to deal with and so the administration will resort to a military occupation to punish the scofflaws who will not be convinced of the beneficence of the dear leader, Obama.

Hearings at the Capitol will take place today. The conclusion is already known. Obama Administration lackeys will promise with patently unaccountable lies to fix the problems with the website, but the elephant in the room will be ignored: “Obama-Care” is bad for America and the final nail in the coffin for the burial of the US economy, something that the enemy within has been working at for a century in order to achieve the new order of the ages – a one-world government.

We are witnessing the unfolding of the Masonic “Great Plan” and the end of America as we knew it.

4 thoughts on “More Lying & Dissembling From The Enemy on Capitol Hill


    Redhat, Google, and Oracle are on the problem?


    See where I am going here?

  2. I would bet if asked, and shown the document, Brother Nathanial would agree with the Advanced Bonewits Cult Danger Evaluation Frame (ABCDEF)

    Now watch this, and DO THE LOGIC IN YOUR OWN HEAD.

    COMPLEX words, and ideas you have to look it all up yourself, and come to your OWN CONCLUSION. (note that I am happy to allow you to do this!)

    But I am literally out of words to describe things. Time for OTHERS to pick up where I FAIL in this category. With psychiatry now using the DSM, and me never studied Psychology in my LIFE (cause I know most people that studied it love to manipulate people and I HATE THAT)

    1. You know why I studied psychology? So I could find out what made psychopaths, sociopaths, and other behaviors. Not to manipulate people, but yes some do study it to do that. Not all though.

  3. For the record, I have told my “so called representatives” that I can not protect them from the oath breaking they are doing.


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