With Western Help, Chinese Communists Build “New World Order”

With Western Help, Chinese Communists Build “New World Order”The New American – by Alex Newman

Learning to speak Chinese may be a really good investment.

In 2009, billionaire financier and establishment powerbroker George Soros called for the communist regime ruling mainland China to “own” what he referred to as the “New World Order.” In 2015, it has become clear that Beijing is stepping up to the plate as its agents infiltrate the full architecture of existing “global governance” institutions,even while adding their own totalitarian-minded tentaclesto it. And despite the effort to portray near-bankrupt Western governments as helpless and confused spectators in the whole process, the globalist European and American establishment’s fingerprints are all over the rise of the Chinese Communist autocrats, and the accompanying decline of the West.  

Among other concerns expressed by analysts and officials is the fact that operatives for the ruthless Chinese dictatorship are quietly burrowing their way to the top of existing so-called “global governance” institutions. Multiple United Nations agencies, for example, are now under the leadership of Beijing’s agents — not to mention Communist China seizing control in 1971 over a veto-wielding seat on the UN Security Council, which purports to have the ability to deploy UN military forces under various guises. Despite its unparalleled record of mass-murder, persecution, and tyranny, Beijing even has a seat on the widely ridiculed UN “Human Rights” Council.

However, Communist Chinese influence extends even deeper into the dictator-dominated planetary outfit. Among the UN agencies under the leadership of Beijing’s operatives is the little-known and UN Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), which last year selected Chinese Communist Li Yong, the regime’s former “vice-minister of finance,” as executive director. “[The regime ruling] China will inevitably need to be given more rights in international activities, such as the right to participate and the right to have a voice in international affairs,” Li was quoted as saying by regime-controlled propaganda outlets.

Even more troubling, perhaps, is the Communist Chinese agent, Houlin Zhao, selected last year to lead the UN International Telecommunications Union (ITU). For years, the UN agency and its mostly autocratic member regimes have been working to usurp control over the Internet. And as if having a Communist Chinese operative whose bosses run a totalitarian censorship regime dubbed the “Great Firewall of China” was not troubling enough, Zhao’s comments raised even more alarm worldwide. “We [at the ITU] don’t have a common interpretation of what censorship means,” the agency chief was quoted as saying by the Korean Yonhap news agency.

Other senior UN figures loyal to the Communist Chinese regime include Margaret Chan, the director-general of the UN World Health Organization. The WHO, of course, has been attempting to usurp increasingly draconian powers over humanity under the guise of “health” on everything from global tobacco taxes and quarantine powers to a planetary “mental health” regime. Last year in Western Africa, citing the Ebola outbreak, Chan claimed “global health authorities” would need to help impose “new measures such as deploying soldiers to quarantine stricken neighborhoods in Sierra Leone,” the Wall Street Journal reported.

As The New American reported from Rio de Janeiro in 2012, meanwhile, the global tyranny-promoting UN Conference on Sustainable Development was chaired by notorious anti-American Chinese Communist Sha Zukang. In addition to openly expressing his hatred of America, the Secretary General of the Rio+20 summit had presented an award to the Chinese general responsible for massacring student protesters at Tiananmen Square. The most recent General Conference of the UN Education, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), which is seeking to impose global “education standards” on humanity, was chaired by former Beijing “education vice-minister” Hao Ping.

That is all just the beginning of Beijing’s long-term plan to accumulate power within the UN, according to the dictatorship itself. In a so-called “blue book” published recently by the regime’s China Institute of International Studies (CIIS), Beijing’s Foreign Ministry said “China will target a bigger role in international affairs after recent successes in global diplomacy,” the Xinhua propaganda and espionage agency reported on April 2. Senior regime officials have been boasting for months that Beijing is training up an army of staffers to infiltrate UN agencies and other “global governance” mechanisms.

When it comes to “global economic governance,” the communist regime has been even bolder. For years, Beijing has beenlobbying for a “de-Americanized” so-called “New World Order” in which it would have, among other powers, far more influence over institutions such as the International Monetary Fund. More than a few supposed U.S. allies, and even the Obama administration, have jumped onboard the bandwagon to give the totalitarian regime, along with the Kremlin, a greater leadership role at the IMF at U.S. expense. The only obstacle now is a U.S. Congress that refuses to sign off on the scheme, but is under major globalist pressure to submit.

Top Communist Chinese officials and central bankers have long been pushing for the IMF to unveil a truly planetary currency to replace the U.S. dollar as the global reserve. “A super-sovereign reserve currency not only eliminates the inherent risks of credit-based sovereign currency, but also makes it possible to manage global liquidity,” wrote Chinese central-bank boss Zhou Xiaochuan in his public paper calling for a world currency run by the IMF. Communist Chinese operatives are already hard at work within the institution, including, for example, IMF Deputy Managing Director Zhu Min, a former top official at the Chinese regime’s central bank. Now the IMF’s current boss openly says its headquarters may be moved from D.C. to Beijing.

In addition to seizing more and more control of existing institutions — all at U.S. expense, and with support from Obama — Beijing has been creating a dizzying array of its own outfits to plug into the new “multi-polar” world order it says it is seeking. Most recently, even traditional U.S. allies rushed to join the Shanghai-based Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), giving the United States what the establishment press painted as a “black eye.” Before that, the communist- and socialist-minded regimes ruling the BRICS — Brazil, Russia, Indian, China, and South Africa — unveiled plans for a new international “development” bank. They also called for an IMF-run global currency regime and further centralization of “global governance” at the UN.

Last year, in its China Monitor publication, the Mercator Institute for China Studies (MERICS) highlighted Beijing’s “shadow” network of globalist outfits. The report noted that (contrary to the claims of analysts who portray the scheming as a “challenge” to existing globalist institutions) the communist regime “is not seeking to demolish or exit from current international organizations.” Instead, it “is constructing supplementary — in part complementary, in part competitive — channels for shaping the international order beyond Western claims to leadership.” It cited the BRICS, the AIIB, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, and numerous other examples.

In a column about China’s “New World Order,” meanwhile, Director Lee Jong-Wha at Korea University’s Asiatic Research Institute observed that Beijing was “using its growing clout to reshape global economic governance.” Despite apparent obliviousness to the danger of having a mass-murdering dictatorship help design a system of “global governance,” Lee, who also led the Office of Regional Economic Integration at the Asian Development Bank, noted that “China’s approach to influencing global governance is only beginning to emerge.” The dictatorship has openly stated as much.

Of course, the regime ruling mainland China has murdered more human beings than any entity in all of recorded human history. It continues to slaughter millions of unborn children in forced abortions — part of its savage “one-child policy” — with funding from U.S. taxpayers and assistance from the UN Population Fund and Planned Parenthood, according to congressional testimony by experts. It ruthlessly persecutes Christians and other minorities, as well as anyone and everyone who dares to challenge its tyranny. The regime even harvests body organs from political prisoners and religious dissidents. And despite claims that it is becoming “capitalist,” the facts and the regime itself say otherwise — consider that virtually all of its major “companies” are owned and run by the regime.

Yet, Beijing continues to enjoy the unabashed support of the highest echelons of the globalist Western establishment — going back to the communist takeover of mainland China indirectly aided by U.S. and Western policies, to Bill Clinton’s handover of the most sensitive U.S. military technology, all the way through to today’s actions by Obama. “[T]he West has failed to accord China — not to mention the other major emerging economies — the degree of influence in today’s global governance structures that it merits,”argued globalist Javier Solana, the former Secretary-General of NATO and “EU High Representative for Foreign and Security Policy.” “This may be about to change.”

Throughout the piece, Solana also chastises the West for not giving the murderous regime in Beijing even more control over “global governance.” He also calls repeatedly on “advanced countries” to “overcome their strategic mistrust of China.” “The West must still do more not only to welcome China to the table of global governance, but also to accept and cooperate with the institutions that the Chinese are now creating,” the former NATO boss continued. “China’s move into multilateral processes is good news for the world.”

At least one prominent American expert on the subject, China-focused policy and intelligence analyst Michael Pillsbury who worked for numerous U.S. administrations, argued in a recent book that Western leaders have merely been deceived. According to Pillsbury’s analysis, Beijing has been operating under a secret long-term plot launched by Mao Zedong to eventually replace the U.S.-led world with “a Chinese communist-dominated economic and political system,” as the scheming was summarized in theWashington Free Beacon.

Essentially, Pillsbury argues that successive U.S. administrations have merely been duped into supporting the plot by, for instance, offering Beijing “most-favored nation” trade status after it slaughtered peaceful protesters. Under his view, globalist Henry “New World Order” Kissinger, who regularly calls for “convergence” between East and West in a new system of “World Order” and who was crucial in “opening up” China to the West, was merely played for a fool by Machiavellian Communist Chinese generals.

However, plenty of evidence suggests that the Western world’s decline and Communist China’s rise has been deliberately aided by the globalist establishment in the United States and Europe. In a 1973 op-ed in the New York Times, for example, senior globalist architect David Rockefeller actually celebrated the mass-murdering regime after a trip to China. “Whatever the price of the Chinese Revolution, it has obviously succeeded not only in producing more efficient and dedicated administration, but also in fostering high morale and community of purpose,” he claimed, seemingly oblivious to the ghoulishness of his words. “The social experiment in China under Chairman Mao’s leadership is one of the most important and successful in human history.” The banking magnate neglected to mention that it also resulted in the murder of an estimated 60 million to 100 million innocent people — not including the unborn slaughtered in forced abortions — and the enslavement of many  more.

More recently, the globalist establishment has become even more open about the end-game. Rothschild dynasty-backed billionairefinancier George Soros, for example, one of Obama’s most important backers, even put it explicitly, saying Communist Chinashould “own” the “New World Order” in the same way the United States owns the fast-declining current world order. “I think you need a New World Order, that China has to be part of the process of creating it and they have to buy in, they have to own it in the same way as the United States owns … the current order,” Soros told the Financial Times in 2009 when asked what Obama ought to discuss with the regime on his visit to Beijing.

Since then, for the first time in history, the Obama administration has invited Communist Chinese troops on to U.S. soil for an “exchange” mission. When Obama’s Treasury secretary was asked about the communist regime’s proposal to dethrone the U.S. dollar in favor of a global currency, he said “we’re actually quite open to that.” Beijing-owned “companies,” meanwhile, continue to gobble up strategic U.S. assets ranging from cinema chains affecting Hollywood to American banks and everything in between. Last year, the immensely influential cabal of globalists who attend the annual Bilderberg meeting even invited a member of Communist Party of China’s Central Committee — and it was not the first time top Chinese Communists have attended.

As Communist China’s brutal autocrats begin to wield more and more control over “global governance,” what might the “New World Order” they admit they are building look like? More than a few hints have been offered in official declarations issued by the regime and its allies. Last year, for instance, Beijing and more than 130 Third World governments and dictators, with open support from UN boss Ban Ki-moon, signed a declaration calling for a “New World Order to Live Well.” Even a cursory review of the document, though, would reveal that the only ones who will be living well under such a nightmarish vision — global government, planetary wealth redistribution, and full-blown tyranny — will be the cutthroats who end up on top of the power structure. Beijing’s flagrant attacks on the God-given rights enshrined in the U.S. Constitution should also serve a warning.

Already, with Beijing’s strong backing, the UN is on the verge of becoming a dictator-dominated global government, and the IMF isopenly being groomed to serve as the planetary central bank. If liberty and Western civilization are to survive, the brakes must be slammed on the plot — and soon. Whistleblowers from within the UN system who have spoken to The New American about the issue argue that a U.S. withdrawal from the UN and the broader emerging “global governance” regime is not enough. Instead, the UN and its tentacles must be entirely abolished.

Still, even simply cutting off U.S. taxpayer funding and U.S. government support for the UN, the IMF, and various other organizations would go a long way toward reducing the threat. Ending the U.S. government’s suicidal policies toward Beijing — borrowing trillions of dollars from it just to stay afloat, for example, or turning a blind eye to the communist regime’s massive espionage apparatus aimed at the United States — will be important as well. Americans concerned about the danger must get educated, organized, and activated before a Communist Chinese-dominated “New World Order” becomes a reality while liberty and sovereignty disappear.


Alex Newman, a foreign correspondent for The New American, is normally based in Europe. Follow him on Twitter@ALEXNEWMAN_JOU. He can be reached at anewman@thenewamerican.com


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