Woman climbs Statue of Liberty base after ICE protest

Published on Jul 4, 2018

It wasn’t immediately clear if the woman was connected to an earlier protest at the Statue of Liberty, against Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

9 thoughts on “Woman climbs Statue of Liberty base after ICE protest

    1. That’s much better quality.

      She must have been trying to get to Lady Liberty’s breast where she could sup for free indefinitely. Some say half a million were following behind her. All after the breast.


      1. LOL
        Everything here was preempted with Live coverage.
        She tried, but she couldn’t even make it up to the heel of Lady Liberty’s sandal.

  1. Speaking of borders…

    Holy Moly!! The anarchos are at it again. Am only 20 minutes in and can’t believe that so far in this whole presentation I hear not a word about the utterly simple solution of The Bill of Rights. Wish Henry was there. These guys swim in half-truths and complicate things ad infinitum. Sadly, they have thousands of followers. They’re talking borders, guns, anarchy, etc. This may end in a fist fight. I remember their gathering last year when Ken O’Keefe was fried. Okay, back to the vid.

    See what you think:


    ps: I think they’re having BitCoin sandwiches for lunch. ­čÖé

    1. I finished it. Oh my, not one mention of Zio’s and the havoc they’re wreaking all over the planet. And in the last few minutes a slick commercial for their gathering in in 2019, wow, showin’ Ron Paul doin’ kung fu. I caught a few other faces of popular gate-keepers. And how much money did all this cost? Looks like a fancy hotel in Acapulco, shaped like a pyramid, no less. They coulda billed it with this slogan: Let’s Talk Freedom, If You Can Afford To Get Here. It is crazy that this phenomenon is so frikkin’ popular. It’s like The Bill of Rights doesn’t even exist. These talking heads must be held accountable.


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