WTF? LOL Cats Deployed to Help Us #GetCovered

7.wh obamacare cat gif[5]Michele Obama’s Mirror

We’ve put on a full court press: a White House generated ad campaign to get the young invincibles – who we need more than they need us – to sign up for Obamacare before the March 31 deadline. So we tried everything: PJ Boy, a dunking FLOTUS, Mom dancers, twerking accidents, Muppet accidents…the list goes on and on – butt stops with…cat GIFs? Cat GIFs, for crying outloud?

Great, just what we need around here: cat house and pussy jokes to go along with the bathhouse innuendos.  

Butt with the deadline fast approaching, I’d like to be the first to go on record stating that we will post the numbers we need even if it means bringing in the entire Chicago voting rights team to get them to sign up.Six times if necessary.

Having said that, I would also like to state for the record that – in the unlikely event we miss our target for Obamacare enrollments – it’s not OUR fault. That miscalculation will be attributed to the smelly cat gifs and the whole ad-campaign that the the really cool, hip young dudes who won’t listen to anyone over 30 insisted on using in our taxpayer funded Obamacare promos.

No blame will be directed towards the man who wrote the song about the smelly cats, copyrighted  it, digitized it, and sent people out to sing about them.

What ARE they feeding you?

What ever made us think that these low I.Q. neophytes could sell Obamacare?

iq test

It remains to be seen if the Big Brained branding geniuses are any better at advertising than they are ataccounting and tax filing for small businesses. I’m guessing, no.

wtfOne of our BBBG (big brained branding geniuses) first efforts

So here’s the bottom line; if you like your smelly cat, you can keep your smelly cat. In fact, even if you don’t like him, because he turned out to be really, really smelly, he’s all yours now. He owns you.

Is it any wonder Elmo committed suicide?

elmo commits suicide gif

Please feel free to post any news/thoughts/observations on either of the Royal entourages overseas. I think I’m going skiing.

Barack Obama Nuclear Security Summit 2014 3hnnW1W-NBRlLive! From the Hague! It’s show time, folks! I’ll be here all week.


Hey, this could be really dangerous. Maybe I should #GetCovered.

This PSA, like all the others, was brought to you by a generous donation from the  American taxpayers.

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