You got to stop complaining

2 thoughts on “You got to stop complaining

  1. So we are not suffering enough yet huh? Sounds like communism to me, the government takes equally from the 99% and then when the lower income earning people start suffering the most (because the government is stealing from us!) We are told to feed them, drive them to work because their car was repo’d and help them out. Sounds like another divisive tactic to me. When big government takes and takes and takes and then tells the people to share what little they have left, that should be enough cause for people to become angry.

  2. Any body ever hear of free speech. We have more then a right to complain. Especially we are victims of pirates with a gun to our backs. We watch politicians getting richer, wasting our money on a war we have no business to be engaged in. Funding illegal aliens to invade our country. Debasing the currency through basing its value on some pie in the sky. Its value is determined by the global money markets. None of this is legitimate. The value of a dollar was to be set by the Congress and it shall never change in value. Now it is high time to get rid of the Federal Reserve and get back to real money. This would save us all. Telling the truth about the 14th Amendment ( it was never retified). That would be a good start. The founders of this country must be very disappointed in us to fall for all the rubbish we have been fed over the course of the past few decades.

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