Zionist Immigration Agenda

From Andrew Carrington Hitchcock’s book, The Synagogue of Satan, in relation to the Zionist Jews’ present day illegal immigration agenda for America.

“Introduction of different races into countries is the Jews’ most effective form of warfare yet against the Western World, and is known as the, “Silent War,” which has taken place at various times this century, primarily in the United States and the United Kingdom.  

This is generally done under the pretext of needing other races to fill a gap in the labour market in that country (although of course in America, Jews brought Africans into the country to sell as slaves), whilst the electorate of the countries concerned are never asked whether they want immigration into their country.” (Hitchcock 168-169)

Sound familiar? H2B Visas and forced Amnesty in order to take more jobs, benefits and resources from us Americans?

“The Jews support immigration into countries for the following reasons:

1) In accordance with their most holy book, the Talmud, Jews see the world population as consisting of Jews and non-Jews (also known as goyim, goy, and gentiles). The only possible end result of immigration is the destruction of all races as they interbreed with one another and form one single race. That race will be the non-Jews.

2) The Jews have always wanted a World Government, which co-incidentally they will control. By mixing up all the races into different countries, they can argue that as every country in the world now consists of many different races, national boundaries are obsolete and should be replaced with a single World Government.

3) The Jews are fully aware of the danger a cohesive native population is to their dreams of a Jewish World Government, having had the experience of being kicked out of so many countries several times in history due to the natural reaction of a cohesive population against their evil and exploitative actions there.

The introduction of people, foreign to a country, as citizens, removes the threat of the native peoples’ acting as a single cohesive unit. This is because the different cultures and customs of both peoples’, are hard for either people to accept. Whilst these two groups of people are pre-occupied sorting this out, the Jews have the benefit of invisibility to carry on as they please without question. They only ever seem to declare their race, when they speak of the great benefits in diversity, and anyone who doesn’t agree must be, a, “racist,” or a, “hater.” Yet the plan they are promoting will result in the ethnic cleansing of specific racial types that have been on the planet for thousands of years, which they do not regard as racist or hateful.

Interestingly, the Jewish owned media throughout the world will go to promote diversity or political correctness, whilst at the same time promoting the apartheid state of Israel, the only state in the world where you have to be of a particular race to emigrate to. Yes, you have to be biologically Jewish to be able to emigrate there, and it is forbidden for a Jew to marry a non-Jew.” (Hitchcock 169-170)


Andrew Carrington Hitchcock. The Synagogue of Satan. RiverCrest Publishing, 2007.


6 thoughts on “Zionist Immigration Agenda

  1. We need an amendment that bans Jews from living in this country. These people have a 2000 year history of being nothing but trouble, everywhere they congregate.

    It’s not racism, or anti-semitism. It’s self-preservation. No country can survive if they allow Jews in. They have their homeland now, so there’s nothing cruel about sending them there.

    1. Hi Jolly Roger,


      History has shown time and again, that no country can withstand the destructive forces of internal treachery, sedition and treason,… particularly the type of nation-desruction techniques practiced by these vile excuse for a people,… the “Jews” *.

      *Note: The word “Jew”, is a modern, made-up word, which did NOT exist prior to circa 1850’s. I was devised by the Zionist-Jews, which is NOT a religious system, but a system of communism in cognitio. Communism, Bolshevik and every other form of socialism, are all the same thing,…. Zionsit-Jews seeking domainion via Zionism, which is nothing more than a system of: Deception, Destruction, and Mass Murder.

      If we wish to survive as a people, a country and a nation,…. than we MUST get rid of the cause of our ailments, as Jolly Roger correctly points out.


      1. In the late 1950’s to early 60’s, twelve Vatican Theologian/Historians, while studying documents in the Vatican Archives in their original languages, discovered the largest and longest conspiracy in history. Subseqently, they published their findings in a book in 1962 called “The Plot Against The Church” written under the pen name, “Maurice Pinay” with the co-operation of several Ecclesiastic’s. When the Vatican discovered the existence of this book they tried to stop its publication but it has already being published in Rome and had hit the bookshelves, now available in several language.
        What these Theologian/Historians found was a conspiracy to establish a One World Judeo/Freemasonic Dictatorship, that thousands of Jews over the centuries, continuing until today have faked conversion to Catholicism (called Marranos) and to other religions in order to subvert these faiths and to further their dream of a One World Dictatorship. These Marranos, or Crypto-Jews have become Catholic Cardinals, Bishops and Prelates, possibly two of the popes since Vatican II, they have become Protestant Ministers and Bishops, Pagan Priests, Muslim Clerics, even Hindu Holy’s, etc.

        The book is available, in total, on the net to read, and gives the history, workings and mission of these Marranos in detail, explaining near all that is happening today. Also available from “OMNI Christian Books of California for $25. For anyone wanting to know the whole background, strategy, philosophy and intentions of Jewry – this is the book, none surpasses it in its expose of Jewish treachery, treason and debauchery.

        I would also strongly suggest people read the two following articles:

        – The Jewish Problem In Europe and its Remedies: La Civilta Cattolica, Oct, Nov, Dec, 1888. Published under the authority of then Pope Leo XIII. Absolutely amazing commentary of how the Jews have managed to control all the media, publishing company’s, industry, money’s etc, a must read.

        – Finally: “The 1976 Interview with a Mr. Harold Rosenthal”, then personal aide to Senator Jacob K. Javits. An arrogant interview that Mr. Rosenthal was ultimately killed for giving.

  2. Another interesting passage near the end of the book in regards to the Zionist and our illegal immigrant invasion:


    “The Jews start to panic about being exposed and
    therefore up their attack on breaking down America, by
    encouraging the illegal immigration of millions of
    Mexicans into America, and then using their lobby
    groups to get the government to give them all amnesty.

    The idea is many fold, but it includes: using their
    centuries old policy of divide and conquer; getting
    cheap labour for the multinational companies they own;
    and using the social and economic problem of massive
    Mexican immigration to divert the Americans attention
    from Jewish supremacism. Why is it that Jews love
    mass immigration into every country, apart from their
    own, Israel.”

    (Hitchcock 294)

  3. My dear Jewish fellow human beings. The one thing you as a people must never forget is the fact that there are the laws of the Universe that always work. Those laws work for every one on the face of the planet and has never failed!!! The first basic law is: What comes around goes around. This means that all your efforts to enslave or dominate other peoples will work for now but you as a nation will pay for your indiscretions and pay for them dearly!!!! Not by my hand for I know that I do not have to do anything as retribution. But retribution there will be. It is unavoidable.

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