6 thoughts on “The Word From the Trenches Live Broadcast 4-27-23

  1. Wow Henry, did I hear you say that your friend who just got a new Apple computer cannot access From the Trenches? You mean to tell me that if he types in the URL it won’t go to the site? That is beyond awful. Built in censorship? Geez.


    1. I’ve been unable to listen to live broadcast on last 2 phones. This one for a month and the last one for 2 years. I can only use chrome browser. I can download others but then the phone won’t open or install it. This leash/chain that didn’t exist 30 years ago has now become necessary/mandatory and We stand in line to buy the newer shorter version of it.. also, I could only buy a 5G!!! NO PHONE at T-Mobile is not 5G.

      1. Sorry, Mike. I’m barely hangin’ on in the tech world. 90% is beyond me. That said, Sayanim never sleep.


    2. I have issues getting on here quite a lot , was not able to for quite a while , not an apple comp either

      currently have to come on “unsecured”

  2. ATTENTION: Possible Earthquake Warning for the Oregon Coastal Regions. A hole in the bottom of the ocean has been located & is spewing tectonic lubricrant 9 degrees warmer than the oceans current water temperature which could cause stress & friction between the tectonic plates causing a possible earthquake. This story can be found on WION news.

  3. Micro fckg soft. Thinks they own you and your computer!! Same kind of bullsht from that pos company. Any thing they can do to drive your old computer into the dirt!!!

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